Twitter break: update

Social Media, Tech

I’m coming up to two weeks after taking a break from Twitter and wanted to give you an update. For the first few days I found myself reaching for my phone to mindlessly scroll my feed but now I’m past that I’m doing fine. I’m finding my mind less busy with too much input and I’m pretty much seeing only the news and info that I want. I’ve replaced my interactions with Slack and anything else is via iMessage.

I’m looking at how I keep up to date with news by going all in with RSS again.

I’m going to check Twitter in Safari maybe a couple of times a week to check DM and @ replies but I think I’m done with having the app on my devices and being caught up in the mindless scrolling that I got into before.

Low light iPhone XS photos


Went to Legoland this week was more impressed with my iPhone XS in low light than I thought I’d be.

Any movement will punish you but if you can keep it steady then it was pretty impressive.

I haven’t got a Pixel to compare it to anymore but would have been a great way to test Night sight.

Picking up an iPhone 11 this year?


I debated switching to a (yellow) iPhone XR this year but ultimately decided I use the 2x camera zoom too much to go back to a single lens. The rumoured XR becoming the starting point this year with 2 lenses has me reconsidering this. I’d love some colour this year and having something with 2x zoom and an LCD (I see the flicker on my XS in certain scenarios) might be time to switch.

Having said that I mainly upgrade for the camera and the 11 Pro with it’s 3 camera setup looks like it might be a big step up this year.

I’ll need to check on how much trade in I’d get on my XS but with us only a couple of weeks away it’s going to be an interesting one.