Magic Keyboard for the 11” iPad Pro – First impressions

I like to quickly write down my thoughts as I use a product rather than write up a big review so here are my first impressions of the Apple Magic Keyboard for the 11″ iPad Pro. I’ve had the 2020 iPad for a couple of weeks and enjoying it but it didn’t feel complete as I was waiting for the keyboard to arrive and today it did.

Even on the smaller iPad Pro it’s got some weight to it but for me at least it’s fine to carry around with the iPad like I did my Smart Keyboard cover on my 10.5″ iPad Pro.

Before even plugging it in the build quality feels amazing (as you’d expect for almost £300). The keys are good, more travel than my 12″ MacBook so I’ll need to adjust but enjoying the typing experience. The hinge to hold up the iPad is stiff and that’s a good thing, the trackpad is also a little stiff to click – but it’s only day 1.

Here’s a summary of things I’ve spotted from my first hour with this new setup

  • It really highlights the apps that embrace the setup, if your app doesn’t have secondary click support I cant use it – I’m currently working out which of the apps I use are good or bad in this respect (would you be interested in a post about this?)
  • My writing style means my hands are quite high so my nails are hitting the bottom of the docked iPad, I just need to adjust to this – no big problem
  • I like the flexibility of using whichever method I feel like – keyboard, trackpad, undocked or pencil, it’s one of the main reasons I love the iPad so much
  • The trackpad is actually bigger than I was expecting on this smaller iPad and I’m enjoying using it
  • The keys feel cramped to begin with but I’m getting used to it
  • I miss the function row that I had with my MacBook
  • It feels a little top heavy on the lap but totally doable for me I don’t think it needs to be a desk only accessory on the 11″
  • I wish the hinge had some more angle to it but understand why not – it would topple over…

Using this setup really makes me appreciate my choice to stick with the iPad and means that I have so much flexibility. I’m looking forward to seeing what iPadOS 14 brings up in terms of iPad support even more now.

Logitech keyboard and trackpad case for iPad Pro 10.5”

I’ve been looking at picking up a 2018 iPad Pro but after using iPadOS 13.4 for a few days I think I might keep my current one going. It’s still fast and the battery seems to have improved slightly.

Another reason is I’d completely missed this product from Logitech and it might do me just fine. Yes it’s not as elegant as Apple’s version but at more than half the cost I think I’m going to give it a go. There’s a few reasons at the moment I don’t want to make any big purchases right now and keeping my 10.5″ going with one of these is going to be my way forward for now.

No idea if it’ll be out in May but I’m going to keep an eye out and I’ll report back in.

Pitaka Air for iPhone 11 Pro durability

I’ve been using the Pitaka case for over a week now and wanted to do a durability check in.

I really am enjoying using this case and it’s held up well. Fingerprints rub off the texture easily and I’ve noticed no wear marks at all. The only thing that’s happened is on the right hand side below the power button it started to lift away from the phone a little and a gap appeared. I took the case off and applied a little force to bend it back. It’s now back to having zero gap. I did reach out to Pitaka on this but had zero response.

Overall I’m still happy using this as my daily case, it’s thin and light and adds the grip I want to give me more confidence in using my phone.

Pitaka Air for iPhone 11 Pro review

I’ve been using the Pitaka Air for a few days now and wanted to share my thoughts on what I’m it’s like to use day in day out. I came across this case whilst listening to a podcast and after checking some details on the case immediately knew it was one I wanted to check out.

It’s on the expensive side (around £50 at the time of writing) but based on my experience it’s up there with the official Apple cases in terms of quality so it’s somewhat justified. It’s also the first case in a while I’ve not thought about taking off once.

The case itself is super thin, like a few pieces of paper thin and weighs hardly anything. It’s a snap on case and is easy to apply, just make sure you have wiped off your iPhone before putting it on.

It’s made of a carbon fibre type material that feels tough and the finish hasn’t scratched up at all. It’s got a nice amount of grip and because it’s so thin it doesn’t feel like you have a case on the phone particularly. The finish of the case adds just the right amount of grip and getting it in and out of pocket is easy.

All of the buttons, some of the top and some of the bottom are exposed. This makes using it easy, no rigid plastic over the existing buttons. I like this approach but it’s no Otterbox, this doesn’t look a particularly drop proof case. I’m perfectly fine with this, I’m looking for something that adds grip but no bulk, this case does that. If you’re after something that gives you more confidence on big drops you’ll want to look elsewhere.

If you worry about screen scratches you’ll still want to apply a screen protector. There isn’t a lip around the case, which I love. I hate cases that restrict gestures of actually using the device.

For me this is the perfect case, price aside (an included screen protector would have been nice) it’s the first case in a while I forget is on there. Personally I like the carbon fibre look and the extra grip it adds is all I need really in a case.

As someone that is usually caseless I’m always looking for something as thin as possible. This case gives a good balance of being barely there.

If you are ok spending £40+ on an iPhone case and want something to give basic day to day protection then this case really is the one to get.

Patina on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro leather case

I’m still unhappy with most iPhone cases but now I’ve been using the leather case a bit more it’s started to develop a nice patina.

Last year I did this artificially but wearing it in naturally is a bit more satisfying. The Apple cases are a bit slippery out of the box but a few weeks in and they start to wear in. I’m still not completely comfortable having a leather case but for now it’ll do. I’ve got a review case coming in soon that I think will be better, more on this soon.

How to get patina on your iPhone 11 Pro leather case

If you remember last year I artificially aged my saddle brown leather case using sandpaper and oils. Well this year I’ve decided to let it naturally age, to be honest it’s what I’d recommend. The saddle brown is slippery out of the box but give it a couple of weeks and it’ll start to develop patina.

Mines a couple of weeks in and it’s started to darken on the edges now. What you can’t see is the protective slippery layer is breaking down and it’s much more tacky.

The back shows signs of wear now and is starting to get a bit of personality just based off my individual usage.

I’ll update as it ages over time.

Here’s my original post.

Ztotop iPhone 11 Pro case

I picked up this £10 case on Amazon on a whim to review but I’m actually quite liking it.

To be honest it’s your standard hard plastic case that offers some drop protection but what I like about it is the colour.

It’s a bluey green with orange buttons, one of my favourite combinations.

On the back it’s a matte finish that is a little rubbery. Similar to the back of the naked iPhone 11 Pro.

All sides are protected and there is a good amount of space around the ports.

I’m obviously not testing drop protection given I buy my own technology. I wouldn’t bank on it though, get an otterbox.

Overall for the money I can’t recommend this case highly enough, it’s adds some colour to your iPhone whilst not adding a great deal of bulk.

The best iPhone 11 Pro clear case

I’ve been testing a few different clear cases now Apple have their own and have decided on which is the best clear case if you’re on an iPhone 11 Pro.

In my opinion the best clear case for the iPhone 11 Pro is the Otterbox Clearly Protected.

It’s made of a more rubbery TPU than the official Apple one and is much more grippy. It’s also £14.99 (the price I paid) over the £40+ of the the Apple one.

It also protects the bottom whereas the Apple one doesn’t.

In comparison to other TPU style cases I found this one to be less bulky and seemed to show less air gaps. As with any other case of this sort though it will show any debris that gets in between the case and the phone so you’ll be taking it off periodically to get rid of this.

One advantage of this though is you can put stickers and customise it as you want, creating your own case in a way. I’m on the hunt for a nice R2-D2 for mine.

On the whole this and the apple leather case are my favourites on the iPhone 11 Pro so far.

Otterbox Clearly Protected Case for iPhone 11 Pro review

I’ve returned every case I’ve tested so far but on a whim popped into a superstore and picked up an Otterbox for my iPhone 11 Pro. At £14.99 I thought it was reasonable and I could use it when I’m out and about. (And out of reach of an Apple Store should the worst happen).

It’s a TPU plastic case that is pretty minimal and adds a nice grip to the phone. The downside however is that it does get a bit greasy and shows fingerprints.

All ports are accessible but one downside is that the volume buttons and sleep/wake are a little stiff to press.

If having dust under your case is going to be annoying avoid this case.

Overall if you’re looking for something to use now and again rather than all the time then this case is worth a look, personally I hate the way it looks but can appreciate the protection it offers. I’ll most probably use it when I’m out on day trips or away on holiday.