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Controlling music on your AirPods Pro

Something I forgot to talk about in my AirPods Vs AirPods Pro post (I’m my defence it was 3am) was controlling my music. This is a big improvement over the AirPods where you have to tap them, something I always hated.

One great improvement is the new haptic system on the stem of the AirPods Pro.

It’s like clicking a button but there is no physical button, it’s cool.

First off if you click and hold it’ll turn on and off noise cancelling.

If you click once it’ll pause what you are listening to.

Double tap will move forward skipping your current track.

Tap three times to go backwards tracks.

In my experience I much prefer the way the AirPods Pro work over the AirPods.

AirPods VS AirPods Pro

I’ve been using the original AirPods since they launched and now I’m a couple of days in with the AirPods Pro I wanted to do some comparisons that may help you decide which is right for you.


The first obvious difference and you’ll be paying £100 more for the AirPods Pro than the wired charging case AirPods and £50 more than the wireless AirPods charging case models. To be honest here I wouldn’t bother with the wireless charger case, save yourself £50 and stick with a wired charging case, it doesn’t have to be charged every day.

So let’s say it’s £100 more than the best (in my opinion) AirPods model. Here you have to ask yourself if sound quality for music and noise cancelling is worth £100 more, for me it is.

In ear comfort

I’ve never found the AirPods that comfortable. I do forget they are there but the hard plastic does get uncomfortable for me after a couple of hours. I also found that they fell out for me almost every few days. This wasn’t in moving my head but in putting on jumpers and hats. I also almost lost one in a store when I took one out and dropped it. This isn’t happening with the AirPods Pro. They feel much more secure in my ear and I can turn on transparency mode and hear everything around me.

I also like silicone tipped headphones and have worn my trust Bose in ear for years. I’m not sure if it’s the speakers for pass through or the silicone but I genuinely forget I’m wearing these. They are the most comfortable in ear headphones I’ve owned.

You do get other tips in the box (large and small) but I found that the medium that come fitted are the best fit for me.

Sound quality

It’s definitely improved over the AirPods. Better bass response and I’m hearing instruments I didn’t know where there. It’s not super heavy bass but it’s enough for me and they really do have a nice balanced sound to them. The sound quality alone is enough for me to get the Pros over the standards ones.

With noise cancelling enabled I don’t hear any difference in sound quality and means I can have the volume lower.

Noise cancellation

I’m genuinely impressed with the noise cancelling. I previously owned the latest Bose QC headphones and this is on par with those (and they are £350!). I’m smiling all the time when I go into my kitchen to cook dinner and I can’t hear the extraction fan, kettle or microwave. It also does a great jo bc of filtering out the TV if you’re trying to concentrate on something else.

Walking with it on is weird and I wouldn’t recommend you do this if you are waking in an urban area.

I’m not in a position to test them whilst travelling yet but will update as I test them.


I know £249 seems a lot but as someone that prefers in ear headphones and wants noise cancelling they are a good price. £100 cheaper than Bose QC and other good noise cancelling over the ear headphones. Similar in price to the Sony noise cancelling in ear but I haven’t done a side by side. In my experience of Sony I’d say they will be very similar (maybe better bass) but won’t have the ease of use with the ability to quickly pair etc. If you’re looking for a pair of noise cancelling headphones AND prefer in ear then the AirPods Pro are the recommendation from me.

If you’re on a set of AirPods now and don’t travel much or want noise cancelling then stick to what you have.

These really are one of my favourite Apple products of the last 5 years.

AirPods drying time…

A very weird post but bear with me. I tripped and my AirPods ended up out of the back door into a puddle of mud. I gave them a good wash in the sink and left them in a warm room to dry off. After a week they still didn’t sound right, podcasts were fine but when it came to music they sounded terrible.

Well the good news is that now 5 weeks later they have suddenly sprung back into life and I have bass back. They sound just like they did before my little accident.

So the morale of this story is that if yours do get wet and sound terrible give them time to dry out. Charge them in your case and keep using them, they’ll sort themselves out.