Moving back to iOS


I’m back on the iPhone XS after 4 days on Android and I’ve got a lot of thoughts. I’ll be posting up these in a series of posts in the coming weeks but in summary

  • I’m glad to be with my Apple Watch again (it’s Apple lock in at its best)
  • iMessage needs an independent app
  • I’m using more Third Party apps (I’m writing and posting this via Bear)
  • I miss the Pixel always on display
  • I miss Android Notifications
  • The iPhone XS naked is a slippery beast!

Google Pixel 3a case review


I’m not a huge fan of cases but the fabric finish of the official Google case hooked me in.

I picked up two colors

  • Fog
  • Seascape

Unboxing these is fine, good to see the packing almost all recycling friendly.

The inside of the case is soft microfiber that will keep your Pixel in top condition.

We then have plastic buttons with the same colour accents as the phones.

There are cutouts for the camera and fingerprint reader.

The only downside with this case is that hole for the fingerprint reader. It’s actually deeper than it needs to be and not big enough. I’ve come to like swiping down on the reader to show notifications. This is tricky with the case on. It’s also not so comfortable to unlock.

For £35 it’s not a bad price for these cases, I really like the fabric finish and maybe it’ll soften over time. It’s going to offer drop protection and protect the screen as it has a raised lip on the front.

iPhone XS screen vs Google Pixel 3a

Review, Tech

Switching back and forth between the iPhone and Pixel I was struck with how much narrower the Pixel felt to me when going back to my XS.

Now here’s the Pixel 3a

They are both great displays to my eyes but the aspect ratio of the Pixel and on visual inspection with the 5.8″ of the iPhone, the iPhone is both wider and taller. For me this makes it more comfortable to type on.

What helps Android though for me here is the fact I have a swipe keyboard so I’m not tapping keys but still I prefer the screen real estate of the iPhone XS over the Pixel for general day to day comfort.

Colour wise they both looks excellent to my eyes and I’m not seeing the price difference.

You can’t go wrong with the Pixel 3a at £399 for the quality of the OLED it’s packing in my opinion.

How to use AirPods with a Google Pixel

How to, Tech

I’m a big fan of the AirPods and as nice as it is to have a headphone jack on the Pixel it’s also nice to not have to get wires caught in stuff. I hadn’t even thought of pairing my AirPods. Well the good news is that they work (to a point), you obviously don’t get Siri and tapping them doesn’t seem to do anything but I don’t do this even on my iPhone. The one that annoys me a little is them not pausing when I remove one AirPod but that’s not a big deal for me whilst I just use them to go for a walk or whilst I’m doing stuff at my desk.

  • On your Pixel head into ‘settings’, ‘connected devices’, then tap ‘Pair new device’
  • Make sure your AirPods are in the case and then hold down the button on the back of the case
  • You’ll see them pop in the list

  • Tap on the AirPods and you are good to go

When I fired up Apple Music and started listening they were automatically connected.

3 tips for moving to the Google Pixel 3a from an iPhone

apps, How to

I’ve been struggling to get my head around Android but something finely clicked yesterday. It’s overwhelming trying to figure out everything straight away but here are a few tips that have helped me.

Home button

There’s no home button on either the pixel or iPhone these days but coming from iOS I wanted to get my head around what the home button was on Android.

No matter which app you’re in tap the little white pill shaped object at the bottom of the screen to go home.

Quick launching the camera

Double click the power button to quick launch the camera. If it doesn’t work make sure it’s turned on in settings, system, gestures.

Launch recently used apps

When you swipe up from the bottom you get to app switching. There’s a little list of apps here that Google assistant thinks you might like to launch.

I’ve gotten into the habit of using this and 9 times out of 10 it shows me the correct app.

What are your tips?

Pixel 3a vs iPhone XS indoor photography comparison

Photography, Tech

Now I have the Pixel 3a in hand my main driver is photography so expect to see a few posts this week just covering my views on the Pixel. I’ve wanted to try one for ages but now I can get one for under 400 pounds it was a good opportunity to jump on board.

For these shots I used a range of zoom ranges and speaking of zoom I’ve really missed the 2x zoom from the XS and had to resort to digital zoom on the Pixel. I found that if I wanted something closer it would ask me to go back a bit to focus. Any edits I.e. crops were done with Google Photos.

Pixel 3a

IPhone XS

Pixel 3a

IPhone XS

Pixel 3a

IPhone XS

Pixel 3a

IPhone XS

Overall I’ve been impressed with the Pixel in these shots against the XS. I’ve missed the 2x zoom and that’s why some of the images from the XS to my eyes are clearer. For the money this Pixel has an amazing camera and isn’t 600 pound inferior to the iPhone.