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Why Apple News+ didn’t make it past the free trial

Apple News+ launched here in the UK this month and I didn’t keep it past the free trial, here’s why.

Supporting magazines is something I did 10 years ago by having annual subscriptions to several UK based ones. Since moving to reading on smaller blogs and finding new voices that I trusted I stopped reading them. It wasn’t so much the money saved but the fact I get up to date information and more details about the various niches I’m into.

Using Apple News+ was a nice change going back to the magazine format but two things were a problem. The first was reading a magazine wasn’t the best experience. I’m not sure if this is Apple or the publisher but I found navigating to be cumbersome. I also missed interactive experiences. For a guitar magazine they often have tablature you can follow along with but none of this has been enabled in this electronic format so they are useless.

Secondly I felt like I was being marketed at constantly, I have no interest in lifestyle or gossip magazines but I found it annoying to see these being peddled to me every time I went in to read my guitar magazines. This also cluttered up my Apple News app showing me articles from the magazines in my news feed!

So between seeing content I have no interest in and a format that publishers don’t appear to be embracing I’ll keep my £9.99 a month.

Apple News+ not showing across your iOS devices?

It’s been a slow rollout here in the UK but now it’s here I had some inconsistencies. On my iPad Pro and iPhone it wasn’t showing as available in my country. On my iPad Mini it showed and I was able to subscribe.

Once subscribed I still couldn’t see it on my other devices.

To fix this I needed to delete the News app from my other devices and download again from the App Store. Once I had done this it worked fine for me across all devices.

Apple News+ Gets ready to launch in the UK?

On checking Apple News this morning I was greeted with a new tab replacing Spotlight

My region is set to UK but I’m on the beta of iOS 13. When you tap get started you get this

Tapping Start Reading puts you into an infinite loop of this page over and over again. Strange this has just started out of know where.

I’m expecting it to launch along with iOS 13 next month.

What’s up with the Apple News Today view?

I’ve given up using Apple News, mainly because of the Today view that is constantly broken for me.

Mine only shows everything from days ago not today. Even though my sites themselves have newer stories the Today view never updates.

I’ve got back to actually reading the sites via the DuckDuckGo browser.

Anyone else?

Apple News stops syncing between devices

I’ve been using Apple News on and off for a while but in the last month or so it’s gotten bad for me. Check out what’s happening with mine.

Here’s my channel list on iPad

Here’s my channel view on iPhone

As you can see they aren’t in sync, which coincidentally only started happening when I looked at how News looked on macOS, which had a completely different list of channels.

This one bug alone makes it unusable for me.

Another issue I have is that in the Today tab I’m getting stories from 2 or 3 days ago and nothing from today.

This both means that I’m not using Apple News anymore.

Anyone else?

Has Apple News gotten worse?

As I’ve noticed Apple News slowly getting worse over the last few months I’ve started to look at other sources of news and forums. I’m late to the party but I installed Apollo and have Given Reddit a go.

I have to say that it’s now completely replaced Apple News for me. I’ve found subreddits that I’m interested in and find myself discovering more news than I am in Apple News.

It’s gotten worse for me over the last six months. I no longer see anything other than Apple stuff in my ‘Today’ view and the stories in my other channels (such as F1) aren’t updating very well and often show stories from weeks ago.

I don’t know what’s happened behind the scenes but wondering if I’m the only one experiencing this drop in quality.