How to create a custom watch face on your Apple Watch

I’ve only really just gotten into creating my own watch faces and wanted to share how I’m doing it.

  1. Head into photos and pick the image you want to use
  2. Tap the share sheet icon
  3. Tap create watch face
  4. Tap which of the two watch faces you want to use
  1. Tap add

I’ve created a few different ones that I’m switching in and out of. At the moment you can only add a couple of complications but hopefully in the future we’ll see more options.

The Apple Watch in 2018

With 2018 coming to a close I thought I’d reflect back on some of the Apple products that have been released this year, I’m starting with the Apple Watch.

As you know I’ve worn an Apple Watch since the beginning and although I’ve not fully embraced the fitness aspects I wouldn’t be without it. I enjoy it for tracking my walks (a new thing for me), replying to quick notifications and the design itself.

The series 4 was a purchase for me this year, coming from a series 2 I really appreciated the faster performance. Looking back on it now though if I still had the series 2 I’d probably hold off another year. The bigger screen is nice but not a game changer and some of the new health features aren’t available in the UK. I don’t regret the purchase (I went for the cheapest model I could) but if I advised someone today I’d tell them to wait it out until the new health features were available.

This is especially true if you want a stainless steel model. That’s what I wanted but Apple decided to only offer this model with cellular, something I have no interest in. The issue for me is that’s it’s almost double the price of an non cellular aluminium model. So I couldn’t justify the extra cost and went for the only model available to me, the 44mm aluminium in silver.

When I look back at the benefits I’ve had from the series 4 I’d say it’s an OK year for Apple Watch. Not blown me away but an ok update. If you have anything other than a series 0 or original Apple Watch hold off upgrading this year.

Apple Watch Series 4, two months later

I’ve been using the series 4 since the last week of September so wanted to put down some thoughts on my experience and if I’m glad I updated.

My model is the 44mm base one without cellular. I’m liking the silver over the space grey this time around but still look at the stainless steel with some envy. For me I wasn’t paying another £300 for the finish, I was never going to be using the cellular connection. The picture above is my most used setup, platinum Nike sports band, which I think looks great with the silver.

In day to day use it’s the performance that’s won me over with the series 4. I wouldn’t say I’m noticing a big difference in the screen size but I always come back to how much more responsive the interface is. For example in doing a workout on my series 2 I’d quite often have to tap multiple times to get a workout going. Now I just tap and it gets going straight away.

In terms of charging and battery performance I’m seeing no improvements over the series 2. Battery had never been a problem since I moved from the original Apple Watch up to the series 2.

Based on my use I’d say that if you’re on a series 2 or older then an upgrade would be worth it. If you’re on a series 3 then I’d stay put and wait another year.