Selling your Apple Watch bands

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I’ve always just kept my old Apple Watch bands but after reading a few forums I thought I’d have a clear out. Little did I know but there is a collectors market when it comes to watch bands. This is because Apple discontinues certain colours for each season. I was very surprised when I sold my hyper grape Nike version on eBay for double the original retail price!

If you have bands lying around this might be a way to get rid of them for a good return.

Missing an always on Apple Watch display

Apple Watch, Tech

Now I’ve started to wear traditional watches again when I do go back to the Apple Watch I’m finding it even more frustrating that the display isn’t always on. The weird thing though is that when I wore my Apple Watch full time I never missed it, I was used to raising my wrist (when it worked) or tapping the screen.

My most used watch over the last few months is the classic F-91w, but I’m looking over at the always on display with some envy. The thing I miss from my Apple Watch when I’m not wearing it isn’t the fitness stuff but the ability to see my next appointments and reminders. I’m terribly forgetful (I’m reminded of this daily by those around me…) and when I don’t have this easily accessible it introduces a level of anxiety for me.

I’m on a series 4 stainless steel that Apple will give me £80 for on trade in! That’s taking the Mikey but I’m sorely tempted to sell it privately and upgrade.

The hunt for a leather Apple Watch band

Apple Watch, Tech

I don’t wear my Apple Watch every day but when come back to it I always miss my leather band that I have on my mechanical watch (hirsch leather band).

Now they don’t make an Apple Watch band and the one that Apple sells I like are over £300! So I’m on the hunt for one. Amazon is full of cheap ones but I’m looking for something from a reputable company.

Any suggestions? Nomad maybe is the closest I’ve seen.

Why I love my Casio F-91W

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I’m not on the hate train for the Apple Watch but I reached a point where (for me) it was causing me too much anxiety. I’m not ready to go into this in detail just yet but it became a situation where I was serving it rather than the other way around and I haven’t been in a place where I could manage having it on my wrist on a daily basis.

I reverted back to my favourite watch brand – CASIO.

Growing up in the 80’s I’ve got an affinity for this brand, having calculator watches when I was in primary school and it’s just a massive iconic nostalgic brand for me.

The F-91W has been around for over 20 years and it’s been on and off my wrist since then. I lost the one I used in university but picked one up again a few years ago.

I’m loving wearing it again for a few reasons.

  • It’s light and comfortable, with a plastic resin strap it’s more comfortable than the Apple Watch bands I’ve found
  • I can see the time whenever I want, I missed the always on display
  • I’m disconnected completely

What I’m missing from my Apple Watch

  • Having the screen light up. The light is terrible on the F-91W and when I’m awake at night I can only see the time portion
  • Seeing my next appointment, I’m back to relying on my iPhone for this. It’s the one main thing I’m missing
  • Activity, I’m finding activity rings hard to give up. I’m trying to get back into exercise but as long as I get out and walk that’s the main thing. I may go back to using if just for workouts, this is a work in progress

I’ll let you know how I get on in the coming weeks.

Have you switched from the Apple Watch?