Hyper grape sports loop with Stainless Steel Apple Watch (review and gallery)

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Not seen many images of this band on the stainless steel Apple Watch.

These Nike sports loop are the most comfy Apple Watch bands in my opinion. They don’t get sticky if you’re working out or it’s the summer and they have loads of adjustment.

As with most bands they might seem expensive getting them from Apple but in my testing against third party ones they last a lot longer.

Hyper Grape Nike Sport Loop unboxing

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After trying one on in store I really liked the colour but it was out of stock for weeks. On a whim I checked the store app and there it was. Really liking this colour.

As with the other sports loops if you’ve tried them they are really comfortable and my favourite watch band out there.

These are available in store and online at the moment.

watchOS 5.2 released


watchOS 5.2 came out last night and if you’re in the UK it’s now on…watchOS 5.2 came out last night and if you’re in the UK it’s now on par with the health features of the software released back in October in the US. It’ll be interesting to see if sales improve here because I imagine maybe some people were waiting for the new functionality to be released before making a purchase.

For a just over 400MB update I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it updated. Maybe took 10 mins, now sure what Apple did but I hope they are all that quick going forward.