Another feature I’m missing from the Apple Watch

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I’m on a bit of a trial separation from my Apple Watch at the moment and having already written about how I missed the calendar I’ve come across another one.

I’m back to my trusty Casio F-91w, an absolute classic. It’s so light I forget I’m wearing it so this means it’s often on when I’m in bed but I’ve discovered that I’m missing raise to wake.

The light on the F-91w is pretty feeble and it only just about lights up the hour, let along the minutes and seconds.

Having the entire screen be able to light up using an Apple Watch is something that I’m definitely missing in this break from it.

A break from the Apple Watch

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It’s been on my mind for a while now, my watch no longer serves me but me it. Most of this is on me, I need to pair notifications right down and rethink how I use the Apple Watch but it’s started to bug me. I’m fiddling with watch faces, turning my wrist multiple times to get the time to show, not totally happy with any watch band I have and something I’m not comfortable sharing yet (more on a later post).

I’m back to a Casio (my favourite watch brand) at least for a few days with my Apple Watch going back to get watchOS 5 put back on.

I’ll share some thoughts on this and what I ultimately ended up doing here in the next few weeks.

The one feature that keeps me using the Apple Watch

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Since losing my activity data in this watchOS beta period I’ve come to realise how I use it has altered since owning the original. I’ve also taken a break from it and come back all because of one thing – my calendar.

Yes, having my appointments on my wrist is the one thing that keeps me coming back.

I’m going to be taking another break from it (more on this in a later post and why I think I need it) but I know I’ll be suffering a low level anxiety about where I’m supposed to be at all times.

Has your use case changed over time?

Will there be an Apple Watch Series 5?

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Using my Apple Watch today I was struck by how fast the series 4 still feels, even on beta software. This got me thinking about the lack of rumours on a series 5. Could Apple skip an update this year?

I see plenty of people still using series 0’s and although they aren’t running the latest watchOS it’s still ok for use as a fitness tracker.

I’m completely satisfied with my series 4 and I honestly can’t think of much they could be added to compel me to upgrade. The only bit that I see missing when compared to other devices is sleep tracking, which could be done with a software update.

Form factor wise we’re due a change but I don’t think Apple see the watch in the same light as the iPhone. The design of the Apple Watch I think is great blending modern with classic and it still doesn’t stand out as being a fitness or smart watch to my eyes.

I feel the next move is to create something simpler like the Nike Fuel Band that I loved so much back a good few years ago. It’s the only area I see missing that Fitbit are eating Apple’s lunch on.

This is a bit of a ramble but what are your thoughts? What would you like adding?

How to turn off notifications on the Apple Watch

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I’m going through a phase of disconnecting from my notifications, especially on my Apple Watch. I’m finding it nice to go back to a time where I didn’t constantly have taps on my wrist. All I have now is phone calls coming through and I’m using it as a watch and fitness tracker.

You’ll want to head into the watch app then look ‘notifications’ and then for each you want to turn off follow the screen shot above.

Making my Apple Watch feel like a Casio (and picking up a cool new band)

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My favourite watch of all time is…

Yes, the good old Casio F-91W. The best selling watch of all time (probably 😀) and when I stopped wearing my Apple Watch a few weeks ago going back to it reminded me how much I loved it. It’s light and the strap (although very cheap looking) doesn’t cling to you like some of the Apple Watch ones do. I find the sports band a little sticky when exercising and doesn’t breathe that well. I forgot I was wearing the Casio most of the time. I also went back to wearing it underneath my wrist as I always used to.

So I tried to get a cheaper band for my Apple Watch that got close to this.

I settled on this one, yes it’s orange (one of my favourite colours) and the texture looks different but it’s the feel on the wrist I was after. This is more rubbery than the Casio but gives me that same forgetting I’m wearing it vibe.

I think some of that comes from the fact it’s a buckle mechanism like the Casio.

I wish it was a little less rubbery but not been able to find one that is plastic instead of some sort of silicone.

I think it looks great, what do you think?

My Apple Watch setup

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I’ve started to rethink how I’m using my Apple Watch and thought I’d share my current setup, something I haven’t done for a while.

I’m using a stainless steel series 4 mostly with the white sports band. I have the cellular model but my network of choice here in the UK doesn’t offer support for it yet. Unfortunately Apple don’t offer a non cellular stainless steel so I didn’t have the option not to have it. I really like the stainless steel model and it’s wearing nicely, I do love that worn in Millennium Falcon look.

As I’ve already written about the only notifications I see are phone calls and stand reminders.

My watch face of choice is utility with the weather and activity rings in the top corners. I can’t stand the new rounded complications at the bottom so I don’t use them.

What model Apple Watch are you using?