Rethinking things


I did well before WWDC, I stayed off Twitter for a good few weeks and felt the better for it. With WWDC last week I got sucked back in but as before it’s not been great for my mental health. I enjoyed seeing people’s take on the events but since then I’ve

  • Gotten caught up in threads with people being awful to each other
  • Feel like I’m achieving nothing when I see what others are doing (this is my problem not theirs)
  • Find myself checking the feed rather than spending some quiet time or writing something here

So, I’m back off the service and not sure if I’ll be back to be honest. I’m also reviewing this blog, whether to keep it going or not. This is partly because again seeing how little I’m achieving compared to others for the outlay that it had on me, both financially and physically. I’m planning on a little break whilst I figure this out.

If you want to reach out please use the contact page on the site.

Cheers, Lee.

Taking a step back (slowly removing myself from Twitter)

life stuff, Social Media, Tech

I wrote this post about how I’m trying to be more intentional using social media. Well after trying it I’m changing it up and deleting them completely. Twitter gives me very little in return for the negativity that I’m seeing. It’s become a habit to check what’s going on but I share very little these days. I won’t be deleting my account but will occasionally be checking in for my DM’s and won’t be replying to @mentions very quickly at all (sorry). These checks will be done in Safari on the Mac.

If you want to contact me about podcasting or anything really then you can use my contact page here and I’ll get back to you. I’m also thinking of a slack room which might be a good way to stay in touch if I don’t have you on iMessage already.

I’m also moving over to where you’ll find me here. If you want to support a great project then please consider doing the same.

I hope I’m getting across my feelings on this but I’ve got a lot going on and trying to stay positive and also create content is getting harder for me these days. I don’t want to disappear completely but need to take steps to move in the right direction.

Closing my Amazon Affiliate account and a knock back


I’m trying not to get down about this email.

I didn’t start the affiliate account thinking I’d be able to fund all my review units but based on this I shouldn’t have bothered. It’s a bit demoralising to be honest but I’ll try to hang in there but it’s it’s getting harder and harder.

As an independent creator I’m funding everything myself here but I can’t afford to get review units in, this means I’ll either stop reviewing stuff or carry on reaching out to PR companies that only seem to be interested in YouTubers these days.

Man, blogging is hard.

(Sorry, wish this post was a bit more positive)

Stop messing with your site theme


This is a message to future Lee and maybe others who are like me. I’ve gotten into the habit again of tweaking my site theme! This is more out of not knowing what to write about than a need but I’ve fallen into the trap of tweaking the look and feel of the site again.

I’m settled now on this one, it’s clean and readable. It also plays nice with images, something not all themes do well. It’s called illustrar by the way if you’re interested but I wouldn’t recommend you go down the rabbit hole of changing your site theme.

I’ll be back on the creation bandwagon soon.

Moving social media to my iPad and being more intentional

life stuff, Social Media, Tech

I’m constantly trying to get better at managing my social media time and I thought the best first step (this time!) was to move everything social to my iPad. I use the iPad more intentionally so I’m going to manage social along with my blog in a folder of it’s own. On the iPad I have a blog folder with all of my Blog stuff, it’ll live in there.

If you’re trying to cut back on your social media a bit then I’d recommend moving it off your smartphone and onto a laptop or tablet so that it’s less of a temptation and more intentional.

Using Bear (again)


I started and stopped using Bear about a month ago but after struggling to organise with Apple Notes I’ve gone back in.

The main reason I’ve gone back is tags. Folders in Apple Notes is ok but I’m finding that the ability to add a quick tag at the bottom of the page I’m writing on is clicking with my brain more. All the dividers such as ‘gifts’ and ‘shopping’ above are tags that Bear automatically uses to create this structure.

Going dark

blogging, Tech

I’ve been playing with my blog theme for a while but have settled on a darker look to the site. After spending less time on social media I read blogs, in a browser! What I’ve noticed is that mine blew my retinas out if I browsing early in the morning. On the back of this you’ll see my site is now sporting a darker look that’s easier on your eye balls.