Google Pixel 3a case review


I’m not a huge fan of cases but the fabric finish of the official Google case hooked me in.

I picked up two colors

  • Fog
  • Seascape

Unboxing these is fine, good to see the packing almost all recycling friendly.

The inside of the case is soft microfiber that will keep your Pixel in top condition.

We then have plastic buttons with the same colour accents as the phones.

There are cutouts for the camera and fingerprint reader.

The only downside with this case is that hole for the fingerprint reader. It’s actually deeper than it needs to be and not big enough. I’ve come to like swiping down on the reader to show notifications. This is tricky with the case on. It’s also not so comfortable to unlock.

For £35 it’s not a bad price for these cases, I really like the fabric finish and maybe it’ll soften over time. It’s going to offer drop protection and protect the screen as it has a raised lip on the front.

Making your iPhone XS feel like a Google Pixel 3a


I’ve posted quite a bit about my love for the feeling of the Pixel, it’s warm, comfortable and hopefully more durable than the glass on other phones. My main phone as you most probably know is the iPhone XS but I still find it slippery and hard to grab onto sometimes. Looking through my case collection I’ve had in for review I spotted the Totallee case I had in for review.

Adding it to the iPhone XS immediately improves the grip and although it won’t make it particularly more durable does feel like an iPhone 5c in the hand.

It’s got access to the all the original buttons and good sized openings around all of the ports.

As you know I’m not a fan of cases but this might be a time when I need to suck it up and accept we aren’t getting a new shell from Apple anytime soon so I help myself by adding to what I already have with a case.

Here’s the Pixel 3a, so gives me that look and feel without the addition of too much to the iPhone.

Totallee iPhone XS case review

Review, Tech

I’ve had a love hate relationship with cases for years and always end up using the iPhone naked but I might have found my perfect case (not quite, see my update at the end of this post). I’ve been aware of thin cases for a while and used the cheaper ones on Amazon on and off but always felt they lacked quality control or were slippery. I’ve also been aware of Totallee but they weren’t easily available in the UK. Well now they are on Amazon UK and I picked one up straight away.

I’d always loved my iPhone 5C and have been after something that gave me that look and feel. This case gets me 80% of the way there. It’s thin, adds hardly any bulk and apart from the metal buttons looks like it’s part of the iPhone. It feels in hand just like my 5C did, that’s if you go for the jet white or black finish.

All ports and switches are easily accessed and I haven’t experienced any issues with wireless charging.

I’m not brave enough to drop test my iPhone XS but looking at the protection prospects it should be ok from low level drops and will definitely protect it from scratches.

I love the feel of the iPhone without a case but it’s so slippery with the glass back. Sometimes it’ll even come off the wireless charger overnight or fall of a sofa. This adds a nice texture for both holding and keeping it put where you leave it.

UPDATE (15th Jan 2019)

It’s broken so I’ve done an Amazon return, another thin case problem as with the cheaper cases out there. Can’t recommend unless you NEVER take the case off.

UPDATE (4th Feb 2019)

I used the Totallee 2 year warranty to make a claim and got a new one posted out to me, great customer service.

Amazon link.

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Otterbox iPhone XS case

Review, Tech

Took a while to get here from the states but I’ve had through the Otterbox Marvel series case. This is the Symmetry series of cases but with an Infinity War flavour, which I’m loving.

These cases are a little bulkier than an Apple silicone but offers much more protection.

The only slight downside to the bulk is it’s a little harder to use the swiping up gesture on the X series but the width for me makes typing easier.

If you’re into Marvel or like style of case I recommend picking one up before they are discontinued.

I even did a little video.

Do Apple Leather iPhone X cases work with the iPhone XS?


Sort of, if you have an Apple Leather case you’ll be able to use it but might be a little tight as you can see in the pics (bottom right edge of the camera cut out). The camera on the XS is a little bigger than the X so you’ll see it  pushing against the edge of the case. Given it’s leather then it should adapt and work, I’m certainly keeping my bright orange case from my X.