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Using the iPad Mini to read comic books

I’ve been enjoying my time so far with the iPad Mini 5th generation and have finally had some time to sit down and read some comic books.

For me the go to app is Marvel Unlimited. I pay a monthly fee to read pretty much whatever I want. One of the appeals for me of the Mini is how easy it is to hold in one hand and enjoy reading.

The laminated screen on the iPad Mini is a massive upgrade over my previous 2nd generation and with the addition of True Tone makes the Mini a great device for consuming comic books. All of the Marvel ones I’ve read look good and even with my ageing eyes I’m able to read the text without having to zoom in. Viewing angles are also really good and even outside it works but obviously you’re going to struggle with direct sunlight behind you.

The portability over the 10.5″ makes the Mini my go to reader now and I can comfortably hold it anywhere. If you’re into reading primarily I’d definitely recommend an iPad Mini over the regular iPad.

Could Disney reboot the X-Men?

Since Disney picked some of Fox along with it came a raft of Marvel characters such as Deadpool and the X-Men. As a bit of an X-Men fan it got me thinking about the state of the existing film series and whether they could get a reboot.

Let’s be honest there hasn’t been a good one since the second movie. The possibility of seeing them done justice and a possible tie into Infinity War Part 2 sounds great to me.

There is such a diverse set of characters in the X-Men universe that they could be the next launch pad for a series of movies. Personally I’d be ok with Capt and Iron Man taking a break to focus on Spider-Man, an X-Men solo film and a couple of independent character ones (Nightcrawler or Gambit anyone?).

Personally I think that we’ll see a new X-Men movie announced within the next 2 years.