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Is Disney Plus worth it in the UK?

With Disney Plus just a month away in the UK and the newly announced £49.99 a year I think this is a question a lot of us will be asking ourselves.

First off if you’re a fan of The Simpsons then you’re out of luck as it won’t be on Disney Plus here in the UK until at least 2022 thanks to SKY having the rights. If this is a deal breaker then you can stop reading and save your money by not subscribing.

I’m in a weird position where I’m a massive Star Wars and Marvel fan and already have all of the movies in my collection. I think most of the UK who wanted to watch The Mandalorian have already acquired it by some other means so I’m left wondering if I should wait this one out until Falcon and Winter Soldier comes out later in the year.

At the moment I can’t get anything out of Disney confirming what we will get here in the UK. That’s a lot of faith paying £49.99 when we don’t really know what we’ll be getting here.

Here are the only shows that Disney confirm on their site, not a huge amount. Yeah I’m excited for Clone Wars but is it too much to ask to show us a complete list of movies and TV.

I think it’s worth holding out for now to see what Disney announce up until 24th March when the £49.99 offer ends. I already have a load of Disney movies in iTunes so I’m not seeing the value in it just yet.

Disney+ to launch in March 2020 in the UK

After months of silence we finally have a launch date. The announcement is that we get it here in the UK March 31st 2020. This is 4 months after the US but still sooner than I was expecting. Interesting it’s the end of the financial year so it’s either when other contracts run out or their best guess to keep us all quiet. Either way I’m glad we have a date. Looking at what’s coming out the main miss is obviously The Mandalorian, I have no idea how I’m avoiding spoilers on this one to be honest. I’ve muted keywords and unsubscribed from my Star Wars podcasts but I’ll have to completely come off the internet (aside from my blog) for this period, doubt I’ll manage that.

I imagine most fans will find other methods to watch it.

Anyways some good news for us in the UK, not ideal but at least we can stop guessing.

D23: Marvel Studio’s full Phase 4 TV shows

Source: Reddit

So at D23 we have the full slate of shows coming to Disney+ Over the next two years. The new additions are Ms Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Moon Knight is a pretty dark character (darker than Batman) so it’s going to be interesting to see how this one gets pitched. She-Hulk and Ms Marvel are both important characters to introduce so also looking forward to them.

My standouts are Falcon and Winter Soldier and WanderVision.

Disney+ cant launch soon enough.

Roll on movie announcements (keeps fingers crossed for Fantastic Four).

Will Disney+ stream in 4K HDR?

Yes, major news for those of us that have only previously purchased MCU movies in 1080p on iTunes.

The Disney+ service will be available on a wide range of mobile and connected devices, including gaming consoles, streaming media players and smart TVs, and will adjust to the best possible high-definition viewing experience based on a subscriber’s available bandwidth, with support for up to 4K HDR video playback. An unprecedented amount of content will also be available to fans for offline viewing.

When will Disney+ launch in the UK?

In short it’s vague, I’ve asked for a roadmap but doubt I’ll get it. The service itself seems great but might be a while before we get it here in the UK. My best guess is we will need to wait at least an additional year.

It’s disappointing not to get it on day one given I’m a massive Star Wars and Marvel fan but not much I can do on that one except wait. I’ll update the post once I get some info.

Following its U.S debut, Disney+ will rapidly expand globally, with plans to be in nearly all major regions of the world within the next two years.

Could Disney reboot the X-Men?

Since Disney picked some of Fox along with it came a raft of Marvel characters such as Deadpool and the X-Men. As a bit of an X-Men fan it got me thinking about the state of the existing film series and whether they could get a reboot.

Let’s be honest there hasn’t been a good one since the second movie. The possibility of seeing them done justice and a possible tie into Infinity War Part 2 sounds great to me.

There is such a diverse set of characters in the X-Men universe that they could be the next launch pad for a series of movies. Personally I’d be ok with Capt and Iron Man taking a break to focus on Spider-Man, an X-Men solo film and a couple of independent character ones (Nightcrawler or Gambit anyone?).

Personally I think that we’ll see a new X-Men movie announced within the next 2 years.