Gang Beasts controls

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I came across Gang Beasts a couple of years ago but didn’t pick it up until very recently but it’s one of the best games I’ve played online for a while.

Here’s the official site for more info on the game itself.

It’s not obvious what the controls are so here are the ones I use most.

  • L1: left punch or hold to grab
  • R1: right punch or hold to grab
  • Hold both L1 and R2 then triangle to pick up
  • Hold X to run
  • Circle to head but

That’s pretty much all you need control wise.

Will the Nintendo Switch Lite be more comfortable?

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I love my Switch but still find it uncomfortable to use for long periods. When I first got it at launch it struck me how flat it was, I’m not sure if it’s the position of the sticks but I find it sets my RSI off. Now I’m playing a lot of Doom 3 it’s hit me again, especially when I’m trying to move forward and use the shoulder buttons. For my hands the positioning feel off.

Well with the introduction of the smaller Lite I’m hoping it’ll help me.

I’m looking at the smaller 5.5″ screen and it’s impact on the size of the overall console. It may make it worse but seeing the contours around the sides compared to the current switch I’m hopeful it’ll make it more comfortable for those like me.

I’ll definitely be picking one up in stores to get some play time to check.

How do you find playing the switch?

Setting up a sim racing rig on a budget


I’ve just started off on my journey of setting up a sim racing rig. It’s something that’s been on the bucket list for a while but when I saw some discounts on Amazon I finally jumped in.

I’m a big GT Sport and F1 2018 PlayStation fan and the first thing for me to do was look for a wheel and pedal combo that would work with a PlayStation. I ended up getting the Logitech G29 set for £179.

Now this image isn’t the full setup but even with this temp one I’m very impressed with the quality of the Logitech. The wheel is stitched leather and very comfortable to use. It took me a while to map the buttons to how I want them in F1 but it’s amazing being able to quickly change fuel setting or enable DRS straight with one adjustment on the wheel.

The pedals are also well built and heavy but without the full rig they do slide around a bit.

Next up is the GT OMEGA steering wheel stand. This is yet to ship but the plan is to setup and then I can fold away when I’m not using it.

I’ll update this post once I have it done and setup.


Using the Nintendo Switch to watch YouTube


As I’ve already shared my iPad is going on a repair trip so I went over to my Switch as my consumption device. What I’ve found is that it makes a pretty good little TV.

First off I can only use YouTube and you can get it from the Nintendo store on the Switch itself.

The screen is good enough to enjoy your subscription but where it fell down was audio. The speakers are really quiet and I’m often on full blast to hear it. The speakers are on the back, not an ideal placement.

First thing I’d like to see on Switch V2 is front facing bigger speakers.

Navigation is fine using a mixture of the buttons and taps. If you tap the video it brings up the controls available, such as B to go back to the video list. I found in scrolling with my finger I was accidentally tapping and loading videos. You need to use the left stick to navigate the app really then A to load your video.

So overall you can use the Switch to watch YouTube pretty easily and it’ll do me fine until the iPad comes back.

Nintendo Switch durability after 2 years

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It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had a Switch and thought I’d share how its holding up.

Overall it’s still in great shape, it’s been taken with me on holiday and work trips and when at home lives in the dock under the TV most of the time. The screen has had a protector on it given its plastic not glass and after recently taking it off is scratch free.

From this image you can see some signs of wear, which is what I have in various places on it.

The kick stand is still intact although has fallen off a couple of times. You can also see the wear around the screw hole.

The back shows some wear exactly where your fingers sit when holding.

I’d read stories about the top plastic components breaking off or cracking, mine are completely fine.

So overall it’s in great shape, in fact it’s held up better than my Apple gear has over the last couple of years.

I love this device and hoping Nintendo are bringing us a Mark II with a glass screen and some more performance to allow for more high end ports, such as Star Wars Battlefront II and maybe bigger joy con options but I’ll keep these thoughts for another day.