Home Screen – May 2020

Quite a few changes since I last posted and I’m wondering if I should do another episode about the changes?

Main takeaway is Fantastical (mainly because the widget is great), worry tree (for obvious reasons…), Tot, AirTable and Tally.

Home Screens Episode 2

A few weeks to get done but I’m back with Episode 2 that I have just uploaded to Anchor so should be aggregated to your podcast app of choice soon.

This week I have a guest in Daryl Baxter who I got to know via Twitter and our mutual love for the iPad.

Here’s the screenshot that we will be going through.

Thanks again to everyone for the positive feedback and if you have any guest or show suggestions (or you’d like to come on please let me know).

A change of home screen

Having talked about my setup on Home Screens I’ve changed things up a little.

This is for a few reasons

    I’m wearing my G-Shock again to track my steps and make sure I’m keeping active
    Reminders lost some data and started showing badges when I had nothing due so I’m back on OmniFocus
    PresentMind is a new Mindfulness app that my work place helped point me towards

Any new apps you’re checking out?

A one page iPhone setup

I’m simplifying my setup (again!) after falling out with several third party apps and going stock apps. I’ve also moved all of my apps into one page. I usually have two pages but moving to one means I remember what apps I have and to actually use them. I always forget I have some great photography apps like Darkroom so again having them in my face is a reminder. Talking of Reminders I’m slowly moving into using Reminders and now use a stock Calendar/Reminders/Notes workflow. The thing that bothers me is the lack of updates to these apps but for the basic way I’m using it all is ok. iCloud seems ok so I’ll just get on and use it and report back if I have any sync issues.

I like to keep a few third party apps on outside of folders such as WordPress to let me quickly write posts up like thus one. I’ve given up on using iA Writer now I just quickly jot ideas down in notes and write the post in the WordPress app.

I’m pretty happy so far with this setup.

February iPhone Home Screen

Few new apps I’m testing out this month

  • Productive: help me with habit tracking
  • Todoist: yup I’m back on Todoist
  • Pedometer ++: trying to get more active
  • Tally: simple counting app to allow me to record how often certain things happen
  • Peek-a-view: non destructive way to allow someone to look at your photos

Think that’s it at the moment, layout isn’t great but I’m trying to keep apps open so the way I’m using my phone is changing slightly.

My January 2020 iPad home screen

I love sharing how I’m using my devices and here’s another monthly update on how my devices currently look. Up this time is my 10.5″ iPad Pro.

I’m keeping it simple when it’s comes to productivity at the moment using Fantastical and Reminders. I’m going to give this a go for a bit to see if it sticks. All of my iCloud issues seem to have settled down with Reminders for now so I’ll give it another go.

Other than Streaks (to hopefully help a few habits stick) it’s a pretty standard setup with a mix of photo, video and social apps.

Feel free to drop me a note if you want to delve into any.

I am a little concerned with the battery and overall performance of my iPad Pro though. If I try apps that push it like GarageBand or iMovie I’m getting slow down and app crashing and hanging, very weird. The battery also looks to be suffering with it’s age. I’m 1000 days in with this one, not planning on getting a new one just yet in the hope new models come out this year.

End of 2019 iPhone home screen

Been a lot going on so I’ve trimmed my home screen down as I get through the Christmas period. Only apps I’ve really been using lately are Notes (sync seems fixed now), DayOne (journaling) and Todoist (simplicity of keeping to do lists).

I’m planning on using Headspace and MoodNotes more in the new year but for now they sit there as a reminder.

How’s your home screen looking as we close out 2019?

iPhone home screen (Nov 2019)

Sticking with a fairly basic home screen this month. Loved snapseed to the main page now I’m using it more and more. Reeder is how I’m catching on any news and my favourite blogs. Omnifocus is my productivity app of choice. Notes is syncing again so I’m testing it out. Finally I’m getting more into shortcuts so I’ve moved that onto my front page.

My second page is a bit of a dumping ground so not that well organised more reference apps as and when I need them.