iPhone XS home screen


Refreshed my iPhone and coming back from Android decided to try some new apps.

  • GoodTask for my to do app, well back to using it actually
  • Bear for my Notes
  • Darkroom for photo editing
  • Autosleep to do a bit of sleep tracking
  • Daylio to keep track of how I’m doing throughout the day

It’s weird after coming back from Android I’m enjoying more third party apps.

My Pixel 3a home screen

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I’m still getting to grips with Android but here’s my setup.

  • Messaging seems a mess but I’ve settled on using hangouts
  • I’m using Google keep to do my notes taking
  • Using Todoist as my task manager whilst I test the Pixel

It’ll most probably change a bit daily but here’s my starting point.

iPhone XS home screen


This months home screen update. No huge changes here, updated to match my iPad one from the other day. Most distractions moved to the second page and I’m now using screen time to limit certain apps to 30 minutes a day, such as Micro.blog.

IPad Pro home screen (April ‘19)

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Thought I’d post an update to my home screen on my iPad Pro 10.5″. Recently newly setup my warranty replacement so this is pretty new, literally just got to setting up today.

As you can see I’m still using Emoji for my folders

  • Social
  • Apple
  • Creative
  • Stuff

Then just the apps that are used more often on the home screen and my dock.

Apps are pretty consistent but moved back to OmniFocus. Despite rumours of a refreshed Reminders I have zero confidence in Apple’s ability to create a good app these days so I’m sticking with third party for my productivity. I am sticking with Notes however as it does everything I need it to and sync is reliable.

Home screen update


Made a few changes to my workflow so wanted to share a revised home screen.

  • GoodTask: giving it another go as I’m determined to only use iCloud for my data and the Reminders app isn’t fit for purpose and pretty neglected at this point
  • Apple Notes: now in my dock as I’m using it for journaling and writing
  • That News icon!! Sigh.

A simpler home screen

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Now I’m taking my break from Twitter I’ve taken the apps off my iPhone and simplified a little.

The main new workflow is using GoodTask for my productivity. I’ve settled on iCloud and using the Reminders backend with a better front end makes the most sense for me at the moment.

I’ll report back on if GoodTask sticks and any new apps I’m testing next month.