iPhone 11 Pro Home screen

I’m a bit all over the place with my productivity at the moment so this month it’s a bit in flux but wanted to stay on schedule and share. My main app struggle has been finding something with a widget that allows me to easily see the next few days. I did use Eventail but it’s broken in iOS 13 so I needed to switch. I’ve settled on Google Calendar. It’s a nice looking app and the widget easily allows me to see what’s coming up in the next few days. I trust Google more than a lot of other third party apps so I’m fine integrating my iCloud calendar with it.

On to do’s well I’m still struggling. I like Reminders but find the app behaviour a little frustrating. I’m currently testing out Things 3 and Todoist but feel like I’m leaning towards Things 3. I’ve already paid for the app rather than having a monthly subscription, sync is rock solid and I like the calendar integration.

Another new addition is Google Maps as a backup as I’ve had a few issues with Apple maps recently.

Let’s see what sticks this month and I’ll continue to post these monthly.

Home screen: August 2019

Thought I’d update on my current home screen since I’ve swapped out Reminders in iOS 13 for Wunderlist.

It’s a simple app that gives me the ability to add a free rein today view, something I like in a to do app without the need to put a due date and time. Wunderlist supports both methods. The widget works well and sync is solid.

There’s no Apple Watch app but I’m simplifying my watch usage so it’s not a problem for me.

iOS 12 home screen

Off the beta now until the official release so thought I’d post my initial iOS 12 restore. I went from scratch and am only installing apps as I’m using them. Simplified my productivity a bit with Fantastical and Things just to get through the next few weeks as I can see me using Reminders going forward.

Home screen update (Aug 2019)

Thought it was about time to share my current setup, here’s my current home screen (iPhone XS).

If you’ve been checking these out you’ll recognise apps I’ve been using before like Calm but there are a few either new or being used again.

  • Moodnotes: tracking my mood through out the day, something that helps me reflect when I’m having a bad day of reframe a thought
  • Reminders+Calendar: my go to productivity apps, more on this when iOS 13 ships
  • GoodNotes: I’ve moved a lot of what I track into GoodNotes. I’ve created a simple bullet journal and will be sharing how I’m doing this in a later post

Wallpaper by AR7.

A new approach to the iPhone dock

After wanting to simplify my home screen on my iPhone now I’m a bit more intentional about things I’ve changed the way I use my dock. In the past I’ve had my 4 most used apps but now I’ve added a folder.

My home screen contains only a few apps so I created a folder to the right that has my most used apps. I’ve also gotten used using spotlight again. The second page has folders with all of my apps.

I’ve changed the wallpaper from my current for the screen shot but here’s what the complete screen looks like.

I’m finding that simplifying means using my iPhone is a bit more intentional.

My iPad Mini home screen

I’ve refreshed my devices onto the beta so been setting up my iPad Mini again. I don’t restore from backup so it’s always a fresh look at my apps when I do this. As you can see I’ve moved back to Things to keep my week a bit simpler as I had a lot going on. Still using Bear for my notes and writing. Another change is using my iPad Mini to journal exclusively. I’ve uninstalled DayOne from my iPhone in fact. Social apps have moved here also off my iPhone.

I’m planning on writing up more posts on how I’m recording music on iOS and want to relax a bit more so I’ll be playing more guitar and freelance writing less. This is part of realising I’m taking on too much in terms of projects. More on this in a later post.

iPhone XS home screen

Refreshed my iPhone and coming back from Android decided to try some new apps.

  • GoodTask for my to do app, well back to using it actually
  • Bear for my Notes
  • Darkroom for photo editing
  • Autosleep to do a bit of sleep tracking
  • Daylio to keep track of how I’m doing throughout the day

It’s weird after coming back from Android I’m enjoying more third party apps.

My Pixel 3a home screen

I’m still getting to grips with Android but here’s my setup.

  • Messaging seems a mess but I’ve settled on using hangouts
  • I’m using Google keep to do my notes taking
  • Using Todoist as my task manager whilst I test the Pixel

It’ll most probably change a bit daily but here’s my starting point.