iPhone XS home screen October 2018

New additions

  • Fantastical 2: using iCloud for my productivity these days. This app offers a nice front end to calendar and reminders
  • Streaks: trying to get into some good daily habits, this’ll keep me accountable
  • Micro.blog: I’ve stepped away from a lot of social and this is my way to share my thoughts quickly to my blog
  • Ferrite: I’m struggling to find any energy to podcast but with Ferrite and my AirPods I’m hoping I can record some on the go

iPad home screen August 2018

As with my iPhone, I’m going to share my second used device I own. This is from my 10.5″ iPad Pro.

Some highlights this month are.

Marvel Unlimited continues to be a monthly subscription for me. I enjoy chilling out reading comics and this app has a huge amount to choose from.

WordPress is the best way I’ve found to run a blog from an iOS device. Since switching from Squarespace I haven’t looked back.

Workflow is an app I’ve dabbled with but am determined to understand and use better.

Ferrite is the app I am going to try and record a podcast from iOS with.

iPhone home screen August 2018

I want to get into the habit of sharing my home screen once a month to show you how I’m using my devices and the apps I’m currently using.

Here are a few highlights from August.

Todoist is my current app of choice for managing my life. I’ve gone back and forth but for this month I’ll be testing it out.

I’ve dropped all social media except for Twitter. I cannot use the official app with its ads and poor content filtering. Tweetbot is my app of choice.

Halide is a tester for me, I’m going to give shooting in RAW a go for some shots to see if it gets close to my DSLR for certain types of shots.

Headspace is there as another tester to see if I can get into meditation.

Lastly Fortnite is there for when I get two mins between tasks as a break or if I’m out and about waiting for an appointment etc.

My simple smartphone home screen

As part of trying to be more mindful about how I use my device I’ve simplified my home screen a lot. Here’s how it’s currently setup

  • Only use utilities or methods of communicating with others on my first page, this covers most of the apps on there
  • My wordpress site that allows me to share my thoughts quickly, like this post
  • Access to my camera
  • A browser to check news rather than Apple News algorithm
  • Maps
  • Everything else is on the second page with distractions like social media hidden away in a folder.When I want to launch apps I use spotlight.This is my setup for now, I’ll report back on how it’s helping me spend more time focussed on where I want to be using my smartphone.