iOS 13 Tip: how to quickly delete screenshots

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I take a lot of screenshots on my iPhone for posts like these and iOS 13 gives me a nice way to quickly select and delete these.

Head into the photos app and tap albums at the bottom. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Screenshots. Once you’re in here just tap Select from the top right. You can now select the ones you want to delete. Once you have the selection tap the bin icon in the bottom right.

Apple News+ not showing across your iOS devices?

How to, Tech

It’s been a slow rollout here in the UK but now it’s here I had some inconsistencies. On my iPad Pro and iPhone it wasn’t showing as available in my country. On my iPad Mini it showed and I was able to subscribe.

Once subscribed I still couldn’t see it on my other devices.

To fix this I needed to delete the News app from my other devices and download again from the App Store. Once I had done this it worked fine for me across all devices.

Canon 70D appreciation (and an iPad workflow)

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I love having my iPhone with me to take shots when I’m out and about but for me nothing beats my Canon 70D. I’m off work at the moment and out and about on day trips and been using it quite a lot. For me the thing I love the most about the Canon range is that for me they reproduce the colour that I remember seeing when I was there taking the shot.

We went to Cotswold Wildlife park yesterday and I did my normal iPad workflow. I took the SD card out of the camera and used the Apple SD Card dongle to impart the images onto my iPad Mini. These then get uploaded to iCloud Photo Library and I can access anywhere.

My editing app of choice is Darkroom. I edited the one above using my iPhone XS and exported as a fresh copy.

This combination of a great DSLR and a really portable iPad Mini works great for me. They both fit in my camera bag easily (Lowepro 22l hatchback) when I’m away on holiday and want to get images off the card for backup.

Do you manage photos via an iPad? What’s your workflow?

How to fix BOSE NC 700 touchpad not working

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I had this experience once I’d updated to the latest firmware. If you find the touchpad no longer works once it’s been updated then do the following.

  1. Take the USB cable that came with the headphones and plug it into a usb charging plug
  2. Turn on the plug
  3. Press and hold the power/Bluetooth button and plug the other end of the cable into your headphones (connector is on the right cup)
  4. Keep holding for a few seconds then let go and disconnect the cable

Turn the headset on again by pressing the power/Bluetooth button. With mine the touchpad started working again straight away.

AirPods drying time…

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A very weird post but bear with me. I tripped and my AirPods ended up out of the back door into a puddle of mud. I gave them a good wash in the sink and left them in a warm room to dry off. After a week they still didn’t sound right, podcasts were fine but when it came to music they sounded terrible.

Well the good news is that now 5 weeks later they have suddenly sprung back into life and I have bass back. They sound just like they did before my little accident.

So the morale of this story is that if yours do get wet and sound terrible give them time to dry out. Charge them in your case and keep using them, they’ll sort themselves out.