Does wireless charging damage your battery?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I charge my iPhone 11, this isn’t some sort of sad hobby but it started to not charge consistently using the port (if you encounter this just clean the port, it’ll have lint in there I bet).

When I checked the battery health of my 11 month old iPhone 11 Pro I was surprised to see it’s at 100% capacity still.

The only thing I’ve done differently with this phone is I’ve never used a wireless charger. My X and XS were at least 96% at this point and I regularly put them in the wireless charger.

I’m reaching out to you to check what’s your battery health after wireless charging regularly?

How I manage my RSS subscriptions manually across devices using NetNewsWire

Since making the decision to engage less in social media I’ve become a big fan of RSS again and have my reader of choice NetNewsWire installed across all of my iOS devices.

I started curating my feed on my iPhone only. Once I was happy I then used the export option to save to my iCloud.

On my iPad I then use this export to sync my feed. When I add new feeds I export and reimport again. The only issue with this is that when you reimport you’ll need to remove all of your subscriptions first or you’ll have duplicates.

I know this isn’t perfect but is free and saves a sign up to an RSS management app.

iOS 14: how to customise the Reminders widget

I’m very much enjoying iOS 14 and wanted to start to share how to customise the Reminders widget.

Add the widget and then long press and tap ‘Edit Widget”.

I like to change this view to see how many items I’ve got due today. So I tap list and change.

You can change the list displayed to meet your own needs but personally I use TODAY because for me this seems most relevant to have on a widget you want to see most often.

Tips for using an iPad Pro with a mouse and keyboard

First off here’s my setup so you know what I’m relating this post to

  • 2020 11″ iPad Pro
  • Bluetooth vertical mouse (with scroll wheel, left and right mouse buttons)
  • Apple keyboard (taken from an iMac)

Since getting my new iPad with USB-C I’ve been plugged into a USB hub with attached mouse and keyboard way more than I did when I had a lightning equipped iPad and finding new ways to work with it everyday. These might seem like a small list (I’ll be adding as I discover more) and if you’re used to using it this way may seem basic but I’m hoping others like me using it properly for the first time will find it useful.


  • Left click the little white bar at the bottom of the screen to go HOME
  • Make use of the right click in apps as you would the right click to access options on an element on the MAC, you’l be surprised at the number of apps that have this feature enabled
  • Don’t forget to use the scroll wheel in Safari and apps, it even works in the iPadOS settings app


  • CMD+H to go home
  • If you’re using a MAC keyboard then the function keys work (brightness and media controls)
  • Hold down the CMD key within apps to get shortcut help
  • CMD+TAB to bring up multitasker (then use CMD+Q to quit any apps you want to close)

If you have more please let me know and I’ll test and add them to this page.

Casio AE1200 Mods

One of the great things about Casio is that at less than £20 there’s a chance to made it your own through some simple modding.

I’ve been wanting to mod my AE1200 for a while so whilst I had 30 mins to spare I decided to have a go.

All I used was a small screwdriver, a sharpie, spudger, some nail varnish remover and a cotton bud.

First thing I did was to remove the white text from the case above and below the display, with a cotton bud and nail varnish remover and it came off pretty simply.

I then had to take the watch apart to get at the front template with all of the text on. It’s just 4 screws holding the back on, don’t forget to keep the water seal safe when it comes off.

Use the spudger to take out the unit and the front plate will come out easily.

I tried nail varnish remover again on the text I wanted to get rid of but it didn’t work so I removed it with a sharpie.

After I was done I simply reversed the process and got it all back together.

I’m pretty pleased with my first mod on the AE1200.

You can see where it started off in my review.

How to put a 2020 iPad Pro into recovery mode

I always like to restore my new iOS devices to a fresh iOS install when I get one from the factory, but like the iPhone X it’s not obvious how to do this on the 2020 iPad Pro.

You’ll need your Mac to connect your iPad to.

  1. Power down your iPad by holding down the power button and volume up button at the same time then swipe to power down
  2. Once powered down hold down the power button and volume up at the same time and plug in the USB-C cable
  3. Keep holding until you see the restore image on your iPad

The Mac will then ask you to click restore and it’ll go ahead and download the latest iOS version and restore the iPad as new.

How to quickly move between stories in NetNewsWire on iOS

NetNewsWire continues to be my RSS reader of choice now I’m back on a current generation iPad Mini. I love it’s clean look and speed but I’ve only just discovered that you can quickly move between the stories by swiping left and right.

Whilst you’re reading a story you can simply swipe to move to the next or previous in your queue.

Putting a limit on social media

I’ve tried to take a step back from social media for a while and always struggle but I’ve found using the screen time feature in iOS has helped me limit the time I spend on them.

I’ve added a couple of limits to help me gradually reduce the time I spend on Twitter each day. I’ve set 20 minutes as a limit and will gradually reduce this slowly until it gets to 5.

I’ve been checking out the other apps via the ‘see all activity’ and tap on the app you want to add a limit to.

Anyone else using this?