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Why I stopped trusting iCloud

iCloud i thought had been reliable just letting it work away in the background but when I started to look at clearing down my data to reduce my plan I rediscovered some of the old trust issues I used to have with it.


A big part of my storage is photos. I started there and using Photos on the Mac I started to go through and remove ones I didn’t want to keep. I reduced it by 20,000 in the end but when I did I found

  • Duplicates
  • An altered non ordered timeline


This is biggest issue for me and the main reason for this post. Reviewing the Files app and iCloud Drive it doesn’t hang together.

Day One is showing as 23.2GB but when I look at the data.

It’s 1.2 GB. This is a big chunk I can claim back but I can’t. Even when saving this backup off and deleting data it doesn’t do anything.

Here’s another one where GarageBand is 700 MB but you drill in and there are no files whatsoever.

I just want it to be like an external drive I access.


The only real alternative is Google Drive for me so I’m going to give it a test. It’s also cheaper for the 200GB plan so I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Fixing iCloud sync problems

Since setting up my iPad Pro and Mini again I think I might have a fix for my iCloud sync issues. Notes seems to have sorted itself out now across all of my devices but Reminders is still acting weird on my iPhone and I’m also getting some strange Calendar Ui glitches. This seems fine on my iPad so I think the answer is to reset my iPhone.

I’ve not done this since getting it out of the box back in September so it might be time to do a full iTunes reset (DFU mode) on the iPhone and see if it fixes my issues.

I’m going to take this opportunity to reset a little mentally and try not to install social media or podcasting apps. Time to get a little headspace back on my devices and take a step back for a bit.

Zombie Apple Reminders

This is a good one, so I recently purged everything out of Reminders and it’s iCloud database. The weird thing is that slowly but surely they are coming back but only for things scheduled. I had several daily Reminders that remind me to take a break and get out for a walk, these were moved over to another system and deleted from iCloud. The problem is they keep coming back and I have no idea how to fix it.

You can see this in the above screenshot. So I have two of these deleted daily Reminders that have come back from nowhere. One of these is even coming from a list that doesn’t exist. Check out the My Lists area saying there is 1 Reminder in the system but Today is showing 2, argh.

So I currently have Zombie Reminders in iCloud coming back for me and kind of another confirmation that moving my data out of iCloud slowly in the background as I’m currently doing is a good idea.

Can you trust iCloud Photo Library?

Another post on my iCloud sync problems, this time though it’s more worrying.

Here’s iCloud Photo Library on my iPad.

Here’s it on my iPhone. Yes, the counts are different. On checking my iMac the photo counts are different again. When it comes to trusting iCloud Photo Library to manage my precious memories I’m starting to worry. I know there isn’t a massive difference but there is one, that’s enough to have me questioning my use of iCloud Photo Library.

To be honest here though, what would I switch to. I don’t want to share all my photos with Google and aside from keeping them local I don’t know what to do here.

I genuinely do trust Apple the most but I need reliability. I’m going to monitor this over the coming weeks and come up with a bit of a plan.

Losing trust in iCloud

If you follow tech you may know that iOS 13 has been the roughest iOS release in a while and for me it’s severely dented my trust in iCloud.

I’ve been doing some planning in Notes and on checking the sync between my devices I realised that they were all showing different counts.

Here’s my iPad Pro showing 39.

Here’s my iPhone, showing 23.

I’ve also noticed that my photos and video counts are out of sync too so that has me very worried, more on this later once I’ve figured out what’s going on.

I’m currently reviewing how I move forward but it won’t be using iCloud for now.

It’s time for Apple to review it’s iCloud storage tiers

With WWDC upon us I’m doing my annual review of what I’m storing in iCloud. When I did it struck me how limited Apple still are in terms of offerings.

Here’s my storage, I pay £6.99 a month for my almost 400GB of storage, where’s the 500GB option? Whilst I’m at it I also thought again how much Apple is taking it’s customers for a ride still only offering 5GB for free when we spend so much on products.

5GB in 2018?

It’s small and in my experience gives users a bad time using an Apple product. I’ve been asked by almost everyone moving or new to iPhone why they can’t back up. You can guess the remarks when I tell then they need to pay to back up their device or store their photos. Having spent upwards of £600 on a new device it’s a bit galling to have to pay anything to backup the phone you just paid a lot of money for.

I’m concerned with Apple’s focus on making revenue from services that a bigger free tier (to at least back up our device completely) isn’t going to be coming anytime soon. Apple have boasted for a while about how much services is making, you can bet that they are not suddenly going to offer everyone something for free.

I’d like to see Apple offer 50GB for free, for all it’s users. Not just ones that say bought an iPhone X but any device that exceeds the 5GB. I’m saying that if your device hits a limit in iCloud you should be given some more, up until the capped 50GB that they offer for free. This would be a much better user experience and would certainly stop all of the conversations I’ve had with friends and family around this matter.

Come on Apple, you can afford to do this.

Tier review

At the moment there is a jump from £2.79 (200GB) straight up to £6.99 (2 TB), for my use case I need 500GB or 1TB. I’d like to see Apple add new tiers

  • 500GB at £3.79 a month
  • 1 TB at £5.50 (including family sharing)

This would me to save just over £3 a month.

What about family sharing?

Regardless of if you set up family sharing (I don’t) or not I feel that offering this new costing is the right thing to do. Technically if you have a large family all with iDevices then maybe at £6.99 you’ll save some money but in my experience family sharing is a nightmare. I’ve tried (and failed) to set it up in the past and now don’t trust the service.

Saying that though most families would be ok with my new 1 TB tier, therefore saving families money over paying for 2 TB as I do.

Am I mad, is my maths our of whack? – as always, let me know…