GoodTask gets iOS 12 and Siri Shortcuts update

There’ll be lots of app updates today as part of the big iOS 12 launch. Up next for me is an app that I am starting to play with, GoodTask. Anything that uses iCloud for calendar and reminders is on top of my list at the moment. I’ll update on how I get on but for now here’s what’s changed in version 4.1.

iOS 12 Beta 6 so far…

I know I’m running a risk with a beta but the OTA (Over The Air) update for iOS 12 Beta 6 has been terrible for me. My AirPods no longer work with my iPhone, the phone just hangs multiple times a day and battery is getting me through half the day.

I’m going to do a restore with the downloadable file from the developer portal to see if it resolves.

Anyone else getting issues on the latest beta?



Using App Limits in iOS 12

As part of trying to be more mindful of my smartphone usage I’ve installed iOS 12 public beta specifically to try out app limits. The “Time Well Spent” movement I’ve been following isn’t about demonising technology but letting it help us get some control back. It’s obvious makers of social networks don’t respect us so thankfully Apple do. I’ve set myself a 30 minute time window for social networking rather than removing my apps completely. You can find all of this under Settings, Screen Time and then App Limits.