iCloud deleted my notes on iOS 13 (again)


Another beta warning post for everyone thinking about trying the public beta. I’ve lost all of my Apple Notes again, lost all of them in developer beta 1 also. Sync was initially slow but now it’s deleted them on my iPhone, which then propagated across my other devices. I do feel Apple have been irresponsible putting the public beta out so early this early but I’m not going to go off on a rant about this (I’m really trying to be more positive on the blog).

Back up, back up and back up again before installing anything.

Don’t use iOS 13 beta if you rely on DayOne


I’ve found an issue that might be specific to my use case but DayOne is having issues if you export as JSON.

The export looks to work but doesn’t give you an option to save it in Files. This is how I export my data and move between devices, also to back up. As any beta make sure you have a back up.

Going back to iOS 12


I had a day out yesterday and it reminded my why you shouldn’t run iOS 13 on your main device just yet. At home it’s been ok but yesterday my faceid failed and didn’t allow me to enter a passcode and my iPhone XS was running really hot. I’ll be moving onto iOS 12 now until the public beta in a month. I’ve cancelled my developer account this year as I can’t justify paying £79 a year just to run a beta.