My iOS 13 Reminders setup

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One of the reasons I went back to the beta of iOS 13 was to cover and test the new reminders app. I’ve been waiting years for this refresh and loving the redesign. Thought I’d post my current setup. Keeping it pretty simple for now.

I’ll delve more into Reminders as I continue to use it as part of my daily life.

iOS 13 Beta 2


I’m expecting we’ll see Beta 2 of iOS 13 today around 6pm GMT. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but typically the second seed comes out two weeks after WWDC. I’ve got a load of Radars to test, especially in reminders. At the moment I’ve got the beta on my iPhone and iPad Pro and it’s causing me a few problems but it’s useable generally, still I’d really appreciate beta 2 as soon as possible.

Wait for the iOS 13 public beta


There’s been lots of chatter about how iOS 13 beta 1 is buggy and from running it across my devices I’m taking it off and waiting. I’m not going to renew my Apple Developer account this year, I’m not developing an app so £99 seems like a waste of money just to test beta software. If you’re tempted I’d recommend waiting until the public beta as I’ve lost iCloud data this time around.

How to use a mouse with the iPad on iOS 13 (iPadOS)

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I was very surprised when I saw mouse support being rumoured and it also wasn’t the keynote so I forgot about it. Then I saw a few things on Twitter including this amazing tweet from Andy.

I’m amazed that already I’m loving it and so will my RSI hopefully. I ended up getting a cheap wired mouse that I plugged into the camera connection kit. I wrote this post up with my Smart Keyboard and mouse attached.

Now I had it connected I needed to head into SETTINGS,ACCESSIBILITY, TOUCH and then turn on ASSISTIVE TOUCH.

Once enabled you see a round cursor (that fades when not in use) that you can move around and click on touch targets.

Within the ASSISTIVE TOUCH above you can tweak the settings to your liking including reducing the tracking speed and what each mouse button press does. I use left to click and then middle to go home. Oh and if you have a scroll wheel then you also use it in settings and some apps.

I’ll write up more but just wanted to share some initial thoughts.