Going back to iOS 12


I had a day out yesterday and it reminded my why you shouldn’t run iOS 13 on your main device just yet. At home it’s been ok but yesterday my faceid failed and didn’t allow me to enter a passcode and my iPhone XS was running really hot. I’ll be moving onto iOS 12 now until the public beta in a month. I’ve cancelled my developer account this year as I can’t justify paying £79 a year just to run a beta.

How to create sub tasks in Reminders on iOS 13

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I’m discovering more and more about Reminders in iOS 13 and wanted to start to focus on sharing it. First up is the ability to create sub tasks, something I enjoy to do if I need a little guide to follow.

First up tap the little ‘i’ next to the task name you’ve created.

Next tap on the ‘Subtasks’ section.

You can now enter your sub tasks. When you’re done tap details in the top left to go back.

You’ll notice reminders doesn’t keep the order they were created.

You can tap, hold and drag the sub tasks around to your liking.

My iOS 13 Reminders setup

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One of the reasons I went back to the beta of iOS 13 was to cover and test the new reminders app. I’ve been waiting years for this refresh and loving the redesign. Thought I’d post my current setup. Keeping it pretty simple for now.

I’ll delve more into Reminders as I continue to use it as part of my daily life.

iOS 13 Beta 2


I’m expecting we’ll see Beta 2 of iOS 13 today around 6pm GMT. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but typically the second seed comes out two weeks after WWDC. I’ve got a load of Radars to test, especially in reminders. At the moment I’ve got the beta on my iPhone and iPad Pro and it’s causing me a few problems but it’s useable generally, still I’d really appreciate beta 2 as soon as possible.

Wait for the iOS 13 public beta


There’s been lots of chatter about how iOS 13 beta 1 is buggy and from running it across my devices I’m taking it off and waiting. I’m not going to renew my Apple Developer account this year, I’m not developing an app so £99 seems like a waste of money just to test beta software. If you’re tempted I’d recommend waiting until the public beta as I’ve lost iCloud data this time around.