A look at Reminders in iOS 13

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I lasted all of five minutes before putting iOS 13 on my iPhone. The main draw was to have the chance to influence its design in the beta period.

You can see straight away it’s a much nicer looking app.


Shows me anything I’ve added or scheduled for today. Reminders now let’s you add stuff due today without a time element. I’ve been wanting this for years and can’t believe we actually got it. You can still remind yourself about stuff at a specific time and that gets shown here too.


Scheduled is the old scheduled view so we see what’s going on beyond today. Note that items don’t need a due time to be shown here, it’s anything that you want to get down on specific days.


Everything in Reminders organised by list name. (There’s duplicates but hey it’s beta software).


You can flag items and see them in their own view.

Image support and URL

Yup, you can finally add images to Reminders. You can also add a URL to your Reminder.

Sub Tasks

Yes! You can now add sub tasks in Reminders. I’m still playing around but seems a good implementation.


Projects and sub projects

First impressions

I’m amazed at how much work has gone into Reminders. It’s very buggy in this Beta but the foundations are there and just needs some UI issues polishing. I might final be done looking for a third party To Do app.

I also took a look at watchOS 6 Reminders.

WWDC 2019 coverage


It’s that time of year again and all of the beta’s are upon our devices. This year I’m going to focus on a few key areas

  • CarPlay
  • watchOS 6
  • The new Reminders app in iOS 13
  • iPad specific changes

There’s so much coverage out there so I won’t be going into everything this year. I may talk about adjacent apps such as Calendar if they have a positive affect on my workflow but I’m aiming to stick to this list only.

Fingers crossed for all of the goodies this year, it sounds like it might be a good one. (Also stay off Twitter if you don’t want to be spoiled).

Should you install the iOS 13 beta?


This’ll be a question on a lot of people’s minds, including mine. I like to run the beta whilst I have Apple’s attention. This means that when you raise a radar you’ll at least get a response. Depending on what we get with Reminders it’ll be a good opportunity to test and raise anything you’re not happy with. For me I will be running it but which device will be on is the biggest question. I think my 10.5″ will be the test device this year. If my main iPhone gets it will depend on what dark mode looks like and how good Reminders is. I’m also thinking about testing CarPlay this year so I’ll have to put it on there.

If you heavily rely on your iPhone it goes without saying you should avoid the beta for a while yet. Maybe jump onto the public beta that’ll come out most likely the end of July.

If you don’t rely on your iPhone for travelling and mission critical stuff then go ahead but don’t expect your experience to be as good as iOS 12 and some of your third party apps will most likely break.

Will iOS 13 dark mode only be available on the iPhone X and XS?


This popped into my head now I’m in iOS 13 mode for this week. After thinking a bit more I could see Apple introducing dark mode on phones with OLED only, this would also mean no dark mode on the iPad.

It’s an interesting thought experiment and past behaviour indicates to me that this may be possible. I really hope they wouldn’t do this as I’d love dark mode on the iPad but I guess we’ll have to wait and see until tomorrow.

Diving into the iOS 13 Reminders app

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I’ve had a lot going on but wanted to stop for a minute and give some thoughts on the new Reminders app.

9to5Mac managed to score some iOS 13 shots and the one that peaked my interest was the new Reminders app. First off it’s not what I envisaged but it has potential. This could look pretty nice in dark mode, especially if they somehow integrate the Calendar.

Reminders, right pane

This looks to be an inbox where everything goes until you decide what to do with it. Just like any other to do app but this one puts it front and centre.

Reminders Lists

Lists look to be displayed on the bottom portion of the left pane as they do today. This makes a lot of sense and getting to the lists quickly is something I like now with the current Reminders app.


This has me thinking one of two things. It’s a free list of things you want to get done today, along with (hopefully) your Calendar. I’m confused why there would be a scheduled view too as they would surely be displayed in Today if due today.


The best guess I have is that this is like upcoming in Things 3. It shows your scheduled Reminders due after today. Anything due today will be in the Today view.


All of your Reminders in one place, not sure why this view is needed. You can already see anything you have with the other views.


At last, you’ve been able to flag reminders already but no way of viewing them all in one place.

Overall thoughts

Obviously this could be an old mock up of the app or an alternative design but it does seem official. I won’t be delving in too deep until iOS 13 beta but I’m cautiously optimistic about the changes Apple may have made to Reminders to make it more in line with other third party offerings out there.