A minimal iPad Pro home screen

Now I’ve posted iOS Only going through my iPhone setup I wanted a quick share of my iPad Pro 10.5″ home screen. I’ve kept it pretty minimal with my most used apps at the bottom and then a clean desktop. I’ve talked about most of the these apps on the podcast but a few differences. […]

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A week without an iPad

So if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m somewhat cursed when it comes to reliable hardware. I’m not sure if I’m rough with my devices or what but I do seem to get through them quickly. It’s another reason I always buy Apple Care + and for most of my devices I end […]

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My latest iPad Pro problem

Here’s the second shipping box sent to Apple in 4 weeks for my 10.5″ iPad Pro. I love this device and missing it already, I’ll most probably work from iPhone than use my MacBook until I get it back next week. Last time I had a replacement because of a bright white area developed on […]

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How I use my iPad Pro

When I was using my iPad the other day listening to music whilst I’m at work it dawned on me, I don’t need a MAC for much of anything these days. This led me onto Twitter and an idea of posting what I use and how I use it. I’m not going to go into […]

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