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Proper Widgets on the iPad


Matt’s doing such a great job with his YouTube channel and wanted to share how he’s imagining widgets existing on the iPad as per the iPhone. I really hope Apple is paying attention to this and give it to us sooner rather than later but I don’t think we’ll ever see it personally. It seems a philosophical decision by Apple and unless there’s a designer change I’m not optimistic.

Great work Matt!

1000 days with the 10.5” iPad Pro

I saw this on my phone the other day and realised the iPad Pro 10.5″ still with it’s original Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil is one of the longest daily use devices I’ve owned. With that in mind I thought it would be a good time to do a bit of a write up on how it’s fairing over all of this time.

The hardware has held up really well. I don’t abuse my hardware but it doesn’t get the screen or back protected (aside from a few stickers stopping scratches). The sides have a few little dents and the screen has some scratching but doesn’t affect daily use.

Amazingly both the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard both work fine. The only thing I’ve noticed is I sometimes get an iOS accessory warning message but that’s literally every few weeks. I take the iPad off the keyboard and back on and it’s fine.

The 10.5″ does have a white spot issue, mine got replaced early on with this defect but if you’re considering picking up a used 10.5″ iPad Pro you’ll need to ask the seller if they have experienced this. Best way to check is to make sure it’s not in dark mode and go to settings app. Look at the screen to make sure you aren’t seeing any white spots.

Looking at the new model iPad having a slightly bigger bezel now seems a bit old but I like having a home button and TouchID. I’ve been pretty vocal about not liking FaceID over the years and even though it’s much improved on the iPhone 11 models I still like having the physical home button on my iPad.

The speakers are great having the older style 4 speaker layout, I sometimes don’t even stream to a speaker just listen on the iPad.

The screen quality is still amazing and the high refresh screen really does make a difference.

Overall I still couldn’t be happier with the 10.5″ iPad Pro, in fact if the worst happened to it I’d probably just replace it with a used one to pop straight into my existing keyboard and pencil setup.

The iPad Pro 10.5” is still great in 2019

As I’ve said a few times the iPad Pro 10.5″ has been the perfect combination of portability and screen size for me. That plus the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil makes it my favourite machine Apple have ever produced. I’m here over 800 days in and I still enjoy using it with the latest iPadOS in 2019.

iCloud sync issues aside using it with a mouse alongside the other iPadOS enhancements all work well and I don’t see a need to update for CPU performance alone.

If you’re not into getting the latest and greatest then a used iPad Pro 10.5″ is still a great deal, especially if you can get a package with keyboard and pencil.

Make sure you go 256GB to get the most value out of your purchase though. Personally I have movies and music on mine and use it with an SD Card adapter to offload images from my Canon DSLR when I’m on the go and want some form of backup.

The only potential downside is this model seems to have a white spot issue. I had this and a warranty replacement last year. Basically on a lighter background you might see a part of the screen that looks lighter than the rest. This can only been seen on a lighter background but if you can it would be good to check for this issue beforehand.

Waiting on the iPad Mini 5

It’s been a strange week with the iPad Mini release date seemingly moving day by day. It’s extra strange that Apple haven’t announced it officially as far as I can tell. Amazon have now moved their release to 29th March from 28th earlier today. I’m still on the fence about getting one but am keen to check out drawing on one to see if it really can become a field notes book for me.

Location services and weather apps hate my iPad

This one image sums up my ongoing issues with location services and the iPad. I have no idea what’s going on but I’ve restored multiple times and weather apps always seem to struggle on iOS and my iPad, especially when using the widget.

Here’s another example where Dark Sky sees where I am but gets the weather measure wrong between the app and widget. It should be 8 not 47.

Here’s an example of what most weather widgets show me.

I literally have no idea what’s going on, all my settings look fine.

Anyone else? I’m going to move onto the beta and give it a test before raising a radar with Apple.

A minimal iPad Pro home screen

Now I’ve posted iOS Only going through my iPhone setup I wanted a quick share of my iPad Pro 10.5″ home screen.

I’ve kept it pretty minimal with my most used apps at the bottom and then a clean desktop. I’ve talked about most of the these apps on the podcast but a few differences. I have the Apple Files app in the dock as my iPad is more of a production device so wanted quick access. My other app that I used a lot on my iPad is Marvel Unlimited. I pay for a monthly subscription and frequently read rather than go on social media.

I’d recommend clearing your home screen down to this and give it a go, you might find it annoying or less distracting…

A cheap iPad Pro case that’s good

I’ve spent ages testing the Amazon cheap iPad cases over the years and finally found one that I can recommend.

This is the MoKo with integrated Smart Cover and shell back.

I was looking for something to protect my iPad after going through a few over the last few months or so. I wanted something that offered some protection to the back for when I put it in my bag. This one doesn’t add a lot of bulk and removes the need for carrying around my Smart Cover.

The only downside that I’ve encountered is that the Smart Cover is fixed so if you want to use your keyboard cover it’ll have to come off first. I’m going to look at getting one without the cover attached so that I can carry it with the keyboard.

An added advantage of the rear shell is I have somewhere to put my stickers so that I don’t lose them if the iPad needs to go in for servicing at any point.

So, a quick write up but there’s not really much more to say on this case. It’s cheap at £10.99 and offers you protection from everyday carry and knocks.

A week without an iPad

So if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m somewhat cursed when it comes to reliable hardware. I’m not sure if I’m rough with my devices or what but I do seem to get through them quickly. It’s another reason I always buy Apple Care + and for most of my devices I end up using it at least once.

My 10.5″ iPad Pro is my main ‘computer ‘ but after having it replaced for a bright area on the screen I posted it back in as I had an issue with light bleed on the screen when I pressed the home button.

Well normally you get your device back in three days but with my iPad it seems to have gotten lost along the way and delayed so I’m still waiting and it’ll be a week tomorrow since I shipped it off.

Thankfully the larger screen on my XS has been earning it’s keep this week and aside from using Apple Pencil it’s kept me productive. I created a video using LumaFusion and did all my normal writing and social. I haven’t gotten around to creating a podcast this week but you can guess what the next episode will be about…

I’ll end the post here then and we can talk about this on iOS Only.

My latest iPad Pro problem

Here’s the second shipping box sent to Apple in 4 weeks for my 10.5″ iPad Pro. I love this device and missing it already, I’ll most probably work from iPhone than use my MacBook until I get it back next week.

Last time I had a replacement because of a bright white area developed on the screen. This time when I press the home button the screen gets some light bleed at the edge.

This is why I always buy Apple Care +.