The iPad Mini has almost replaced my iPhone

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I’ve been wanting to spend less time with my iPhone XS and it turns out getting the iPad Mini was the fix I needed. As I write this I realise I’ve not charged my iPhone for two days and left it at home multiple times by accident. I’m finding I’m using social media less, creating more and being more intentional with my devices. I’ve also found that I’m using my DSLR more, to the point I’m thinking about getting a new smaller camera to take around with me. I didn’t expect this to happen but it’s been a positive move for me.

iPad Mini 5 review

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Being on my second go with an iPad Mini 5 after having returned one previously I feel that the break without one has given me a fresh perspective. I’ve got enough experience with it now to write up a review.

The model I picked up was the 256GB in silver and I also picked up the £45 Smart Cover. It’s a tad expensive but my favourite accessory for giving the screen some protection when it’s being carried around. The reason I went 256 over 64 was that I wanted to incorporate it into my photography so didn’t want iCloud Photo Library to be constantly swapping images on and off my iPad.

The design is as it’s been since launch and in my opinion it’s great. Keeping this form factor meant the costs are reduced and as I’ve mentioned before not having FaceId is a bonus for me.

When comparing to our family 2nd generation Mini both the performance increase and screen are the most noticeable. The speed is on par with the latest iPhone XS and the screen now has True Tone and is glued to the glass so there are no gaps. This model is going to be on the latest iOS for at least 4 years so buying it to keep a while is definitely viable. It’s what I’ll be doing with mine now it can run the latest iOS.

Another win for me with the latest iPad Mini is pencil support. I use the original Apple Pencil every day with my larger Pro and being able to use the same pencil here was a big positive for me.

I use the Mini alongside my 10.5” Pro but I found I use it more. In fact it’s become my number 1 device to use around the house and on the go. I’ve pretty much replaced all my in house use of my iPhone with it and if I want to pop out I’ll take the Mini to catch up on a comic book or do some writing.

I wrote this review using it, in portrait two thumb typing.

If you’re after a kindle alternative or want a portable iPad that packs performance then you can’t go wrong with the 5th generation iPad Mini. It’s not just a device for kids but anyone that uses iOS and wants something more portable. I absolutely love it and at the moment my favourite product Apple has released this year.

iPad Mini Photography workflow

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Aside from loving the smaller form factor I’m also loving the screen on the new iPad Mini so it made sense for me to use it in my workflow. I’m using it alongside my Canon DSLR to import the images and have an initial run through, deleting those that I don’t like or won’t edit later.

When I picked up my iPad I also picked up the lightning to SD Card reader. This imports images from my memory card quickly and goes straight up to iCloud. I’ve been taking some test images and testing imports and this iPad Mini is going in my camera bag with me on longer trips.

Picking up an iPad Mini (again)

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I almost picked up an iPhone 8 to have as a testing device to write about the new iOS but it hit me, I loved the iPad Mini so why didn’t I just use the cash for that instead. A used 8 was going to cost me more than this iPad Mini 5 and I’d get less use out of it.

The reason my last one went back was the lack of work use but the more I’ve been reading and listening to music and wanting to spend less time on my XS the Mini seemed the perfect device for me. I now have a comfortable device for reading in bed and with the larger than my iPhone display it’ll be my main device around the house. I might even use it in my camera bag to take with me when I want to take the DSLR out for the day.

How to get photos off an original iPad

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Yes, I’m revisiting some old tech and first up is my original iPad from 2010. It’s full of family photos so when presented with iOS 5 and no iCloud photo sync I needed to have a think about how this was going to work.

Here’s how I did it but you need a Mac to plug it into. You’ll need to plug in your iPad and fire up Photos. If you then open Photos on your iPad you should see the iPad show up in the left hand pane on your Mac.

I created a new Album on the Mac photo library called “old iPad”. I then selected the iPad and selected all of the photos it showed me was on it. I then simply imported and picked the “old iPad” album to import into.

These are family pictures so I created an iCloud photo share and moved the images up to the cloud to share with others. Not idea but the best I could do with the older iOS.

IPad Pro home screen (April ‘19)

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Thought I’d post an update to my home screen on my iPad Pro 10.5″. Recently newly setup my warranty replacement so this is pretty new, literally just got to setting up today.

As you can see I’m still using Emoji for my folders

  • Social
  • Apple
  • Creative
  • Stuff

Then just the apps that are used more often on the home screen and my dock.

Apps are pretty consistent but moved back to OmniFocus. Despite rumours of a refreshed Reminders I have zero confidence in Apple’s ability to create a good app these days so I’m sticking with third party for my productivity. I am sticking with Notes however as it does everything I need it to and sync is reliable.