Simplifying my iPad Pro setup

In a bid to try to simplify my setup and provide me less distractions I’ve changed up my iPad Pro setup. First off I moved all of my Apple apps that aren’t crucial to my workflow onto their own screen.

I then deleted everything that I haven’t used for 30 days, keep it simple. If I need something in a pinch I can easily download it from the App Store. It’s not happened in those 30 days.

My main home screen is now distraction free (no social or video apps) and my dock now gives me the apps that I use on a daily basis.

I still use my iPad for watching video but moving them to another screen means I don’t go on autopilot and launch them.

Let’s see how long this sticks.

Switching to the iPad full time (an update)

I realised by doing a bit more podcasting I’d neglected to keep everyone updated on my thoughts of switching to the iPad a bit more regularly on my blog. I’m going to try to (remember!) to do this every few months going forward.

First off, let’s talk about the hardware. I’m still using my 10.5” iPad Pro along with Smart Keyboard cover and pencil. I’ve documented a few places now that I’m on my third one this year (all covered by Apple Care +). I’m not worried about reliability and so glad I picked up the warranty, I’d recommend everyone budgeting for it. My only new addition is the Moko case, which is a plastic shell for the back with a Smart Cover attached to cover the front. It’s cheap and works really well, not being a fan of cases this is high praise.

App wise I’m still using the same core set. Marvel Unlimited, Noteability, Ferrite, LumaFusion and Apple Notes.

I still love the flexibility of the iPad. I can switch positions to help with RSI, I can use the keyboard cover when I want to write something longer form and can use the pencil to make notes or doodle.

I’m not feeling the same limitations that some do with this transition and most certainly can do my work on iOS. I’ve settled in well with iOS over the years and now when I use my Mac (for photo backups) I find myself becoming more frustrated with its startup and traditional mouse/keyboard layout, this is something I’ve only noticed in the last year.

So, as an update I’m loving being on iOS and don’t see myself switching back anytime soon.

iPad Pro home button issue

Remember when I had this issue around the home button?

Well turns out this light bleeding is a defect so you’ll want to book your iPad in for an appointment. After a week sans iPad I’m getting mine back today and get back to being productive, I really missed my main ‘computer’ this week.

A week without an iPad

So if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m somewhat cursed when it comes to reliable hardware. I’m not sure if I’m rough with my devices or what but I do seem to get through them quickly. It’s another reason I always buy Apple Care + and for most of my devices I end up using it at least once.

My 10.5″ iPad Pro is my main ‘computer ‘ but after having it replaced for a bright area on the screen I posted it back in as I had an issue with light bleed on the screen when I pressed the home button.

Well normally you get your device back in three days but with my iPad it seems to have gotten lost along the way and delayed so I’m still waiting and it’ll be a week tomorrow since I shipped it off.

Thankfully the larger screen on my XS has been earning it’s keep this week and aside from using Apple Pencil it’s kept me productive. I created a video using LumaFusion and did all my normal writing and social. I haven’t gotten around to creating a podcast this week but you can guess what the next episode will be about…

I’ll end the post here then and we can talk about this on iOS Only.

My latest iPad Pro problem

Here’s the second shipping box sent to Apple in 4 weeks for my 10.5″ iPad Pro. I love this device and missing it already, I’ll most probably work from iPhone than use my MacBook until I get it back next week.

Last time I had a replacement because of a bright white area developed on the screen. This time when I press the home button the screen gets some light bleed at the edge.

This is why I always buy Apple Care +.