Does wireless charging damage your battery?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I charge my iPhone 11, this isn’t some sort of sad hobby but it started to not charge consistently using the port (if you encounter this just clean the port, it’ll have lint in there I bet).

When I checked the battery health of my 11 month old iPhone 11 Pro I was surprised to see it’s at 100% capacity still.

The only thing I’ve done differently with this phone is I’ve never used a wireless charger. My X and XS were at least 96% at this point and I regularly put them in the wireless charger.

I’m reaching out to you to check what’s your battery health after wireless charging regularly?

iPhone 11 Pro battery health after 10 months

Almost 10 months in and I was surprised to see I’d lost only 1% of battery health.

When I had the XS at the same point it was at least 5% lower than this. The only thing I’ve done different with this one is I’ve never used wireless charging, only cables. There also a battery optimised setting to change a bit more intelligently so wonder if this was the reason.

How’s yours faring?

My favourite iPhone’s

I’ve been less inspired to write but on pondering what to do I came up with an idea of sharing my favourite iPhone models. I’m just going to do a top 5 for now as I thought it might be interesting to look back a bit but not go into too much detail as to get boring. This is in no particular order, they are all my favourites.

iPhone 11 Pro

I didn’t think I’d have a phone with FaceID in my top 5 but here it is. I really love using my 11 Pro, the main reason – the camera. I won’t post a load of samples as this has been done before but just to say that both indoors and when it’s getting darker outside there’s no iPhone that compares. I’ve also noticed that in good light indoors when I zoom into images I’m seeing so much more detail than on previous iPhone’s.

This is indoors with no overhead lighting, just the light from one window. You can even see the weave on the keyboard material.

I continue to use and enjoy portrait mode and the 2x zoom.

I never use the ultra wide angle, I just find that the image quality really suffers and especially in bright light I see lens flare (great for JJ, not for me…).

Durability has been good, even with no case and drops. I’ve got a little scratch on the side where it was dropped and a few light marks to the screen, nothing major.

Battery is still impressive and I’m going two days between charges at the moment.

Downside is obviously cost but I ended up selling an older model to help pay the overall cost.

iPhone 5c

Seems an odd choice given it’s popularity but the 5c is in my top 5. I loved the plastic back, reminded me of one of my other favourite models (3G) and was comfortable to hold. I didn’t worry about drops and the scratches gave it some character. I had both the yellow and white variants over time and part of me wishes Apple would do a plastic backed 11.

iPhone 3G

My first iPhone, I did own an original later and still have it but I waited for 3G before jumping in. When I got it the App Store was already established and I was using an iPod on a daily basis so combining my phone and music player was the main draw. I babied it a bit at the beginning but soon used without a case and loved the comfort and durability of the form factor.

iPhone 5

Appreciate I already have a 5c but the 5 was a nice return to something that I could use without a case. I came from the 4, which is my least favourite model. The glass back made it less durable and slippery so having a metal case and slightly longer form factor was comforting to me. The camera was a nice bump too on this model and I used it up until a drop then I sold and switched to the plastic 5c.

iPhone 6

Having my trusty 5c I was reluctant to switch but the metal backed bigger screened 6 felt good straight away. The camera wasn’t a big jump but the screen size was a nice addition.

What are your favourites?

Pitaka Air for iPhone 11 Pro – long term review

I picked up the Pitaka Air for my iPhone 11 Pro on 26th November 2019 and it’s become an essential part of my daily tech. I hate cases in general but everytime I’ve gone back to a naked iPhone I come back to the Pitaka and feel it’s improved the experience of using it.

The case itself weighs almost nothing and is constructed of a carbon fibre type material that gives it a great look and feel. I’ve also tested it on several accidental drops and it’s protected my device both times.

You can see a slight white mark and dent in the camera surround that it look when I dropped on concrete.

Even though I’ve taken it on and off quite a few times it still fits tight and there’s no fear about it coming off on it’s own.

It’s also pretty unique and personally I’ve not seen anyone else with one.

All of the buttons are easily accessible and access to the charging port is also great.

So it’s light, protected my iPhone on a couple of drops and adds grip. I really can’t recommend this case highly enough. As someone that hates cases it’s something I now can’t imagine not using.

iPhone 11 Pro durability report 5 months in

Coming up to five months so thought I would share how my iPhone 11 Pro is holding up. This time around I’ve used a case a bit more but more recently I dropped it and gone back ‘naked’…

I’m also using a glass screen protector this time, which does have scratches but no point in showing as it’s not a true reflection of how the glass has held up.

The back looks like new, no problems. Also no problems with the camera.

Bottom is also like new. Not showing any signs of wear when by the charging port.

Really hard to take a photo of this but my drop took a tiny bit of the coating off, it’s really hard to see.

I think this iPhone is more durable than the X series. In particular when comparing to the black X I had it’s held up well, especially the coating on the sides, in general use that is not drop protection.

I’m very satisfied with how it’s holding up.

iPhone 11 Pro after 4 months

On checking my DayCount app this morning I realised I’ve had my 11 Pro for 120 days now so thought I’d share another update. I’d said in the last update the battery improvements and camera changes were the main reason I was glad I updated. This remains the same today, the battery is unbelievable and although I’m taking less photos these days I’m still super happy to have the ultra wide and improved low light whenever I use them. One thing I did notice over the last month is that portrait mode seems improved. I’m not sure if this is hardware or software related but on looking at photos from a family trip out I was impressed with how close to my Canon they looked.

The rest of the iPhone to be honest feels a lot like my X and XS but for me battery and camera are the most important so I’m happy I traded my XS in for the 11 Pro.

When it comes to durability, so far so good. It did live a little out of a case but since the end of November I’ve been using the Pitaka Air, which is my favourite iPhone case I’ve ever used. This time around I’ve had an Apple installed screen protector since day 1, it has scratches but I can’t vouch for how good or bad the actual iPhone screen holds up over time. The X and XS was some of the worst I’d experienced in my time with iPhone so I’d assume the 11 Pro doesn’t improve this.

Favourite iOS widgets

It’s strange, they’ve been around forever but I’ve only really started using them properly over the last year.

Here are the 6 that I have pinned and use daily.

  • Weather: I use the weather app that comes with iOS. I do occasionally try third party ones but find the way they don’t update all the time annoys me. Working at home I only really look at the weather a few times a week and the standard app gives me what I want.
  • Fantastical: I’ve made the switch really due to frustrations switching views with the Apple app. I like to have a list view and Fantastical is the quickest way to view this, the up next widget view and quick monthly calendar view makes it a winner for me
  • OmniFocus: It shows me all of my items due today, it’s amazing the amount of to do apps that don’t do this and just show the first few.
  • Shortcuts: I have a few shortcuts I run multiple times a day, this is for quick access.
  • Favourites: I like to have quick access to make phone calls to certain contacts. This works great but it doesn’t remember favourites in iCloud so new iPhone and you have to set it up again.
  • Batteries: Handy for keeping an eye on AirPods and Apple Watch battery.

What are some of your favourite widgets.

100 days later with the iPhone 11 Pro

I noticed today that I’m 100 days in with my iPhone 11 Pro so thought it sounded like a good milestone to report back on how it’s been.

I’d picked up the midnight green with 256GB storage along with an Apple leather case on day one. I’m no longer using the leather case and went naked for a while until I settled on the Pitaka Air. I also had a screen protector fitted by Apple since launch, which amazingly is still on there and I forget about it.

The two main reasons I love this phone is the battery and camera, something I’ve highlighted in previous posts.

The camera excels both indoors and in low light outdoors. I find I never use the ultra wide but nice to have it when I need it, as long as I remember it’s there.

The battery gets me through two days most of the time, I work from home so don’t need to worry too much about long travel days. I’ll charge as and when I remember to.

I’m glad I went for the Pro over the 11 due to the 2x zoom, something I use on an almost daily basis.

Overall the update to the 11 Pro my favourite year on year upgrade that I’ve experienced in my years of iPhone ownership.

Pitaka Air for iPhone 11 Pro durability

I’ve been using the Pitaka case for over a week now and wanted to do a durability check in.

I really am enjoying using this case and it’s held up well. Fingerprints rub off the texture easily and I’ve noticed no wear marks at all. The only thing that’s happened is on the right hand side below the power button it started to lift away from the phone a little and a gap appeared. I took the case off and applied a little force to bend it back. It’s now back to having zero gap. I did reach out to Pitaka on this but had zero response.

Overall I’m still happy using this as my daily case, it’s thin and light and adds the grip I want to give me more confidence in using my phone.