Should you upgrade from an iPhone X to an XS?

I wasn’t expecting to pick up a new iPhone this year but when I saw the camera improvements in pretty much all the reviews I changed my mind (like I’m known to do!). I’ve been using an X for the last year and really enjoyed the screen to phone size. Having had issues with the size of the plus in the past, it’s been great having the best screen and camera in a smaller body.

Not a Max?

When I went into the store about a week after launch I actually picked up the XS Max initially. I kept it for a week but found the weight was too much, I like to use my phone one handed, you just can’t with a Max. I also found it to be top heavy. So after the week I returned it for the XS and instantly felt back at home.


At this point I don’t think we need to talk about performance. Most modern iOS devices perform just fine. I’m not seeing a difference in day to day usage between the X and XS. I wouldn’t update to get a “faster” iPhone.


It’s the same as the X, although a little heavier and the asymmetrical speaker grilles at the bottom. Personally I liked the design and size of the X so happy with this revision. I went for silver this time around and liking the contrast of the white back, silver side and black front.


The main reason for my update. What I’m finding is that if you’re out and about in good light then there’s little difference between the X and XS unless you’re shooting with the sun in front. You’ll find that shadow detail with be better, it’ll be lighter in the shadows compared to an X. It’s day to day indoors where I’m finding the biggest difference.

Even with small lighting indoors I’m seeing a brighter shot with more detail.

I’m not a huge fan of portrait and am seeing little difference. You can adjust the depth of field after the shot but in day to day use I’m hardly using it.

I’m not a fan of the smoothing it’s doing on selfies, but I don’t take many so not a deal breaker.

So if the camera is your number 1 use and you want the best available seriously consider an upgrade to the XS.


Until I turned off screen time I was cursing the XS battery. It wasn’t lasting as long as my X in day to day use. I did a bit of searching and found others having similar issues. Switching off screen time sorted this for me. Battery is back to where I’d expect. Down to about 40% at the end of a day of work. When I had screen time on I’d be at 40% at around 1pm! So, don’t upgrade if you’re all about improving better – unless you are going for a Max.

Should you upgrade?

Only if you are all about having the best camera available. I sold my X and in the end it cost me a few hundred pounds to upgrade. I thought the camera improvements were enough to justify the purchase. As I’ve talked about the Max isn’t for me but if you do want a bigger version of the X then it’ll also be worth an upgrade.

The best screen protector for the iPhone XS

I’ve been testing a number of screen protectors for the iPhone XS over the last couple of weeks and have come to the decision on which is best.

I picked a number of cheapish tempered glass ones on Amazon through to the Belkin gorilla glass version available at Apple stores.

First off I found tempered glass ones such as the ESR brand on Amazon to be generally terrible. They fit poorly and have a negative affect on the touch sensitivity of your screen. If you can live with this pick any of the tempered ones, they are all the same.

The best one I’ve tested and therefore my recommendation is the Belkin Invisiglass Ultra. I’ve included my Amazon link (any kick back I get goes into product reviews or paying for hosting costs) but I actually got it at the Apple Store. I paid my £29.95 and the staff fitted it for me. I’d recommend this, it’s at no extra cost and comes out perfectly. The touch sensitivity isn’t any different and the glass feels like glass, not slippery like the cheap Amazon ones.

I’ll update on long term durability over the coming months.

Remembering the iPhone 5c

I feel like I’m in the minority but I loved my white iPhone 5c. To this day it’s still my favourite iPhone (looks wise) that Apple have released. With its plastic back there was no need to worry about breaking it and I carried it case less for the entire time I owned one.

I started to think about this when I realised we are close to the new XR being able to preorder. I’m on my XS and part of me wants to return it to get a refund to try one out. I picked up the white and silver XS so I at least have some colour now but I’m looking over at the Yellow XR with a little envy.

When the 5c came out putting the last year innards was a mistake, although performance wise I didn’t have any issues but in making a more affordable iPhone Apple compromised it out of the box. For some it gave the impression that it was just last years phone in a new shell, which it totally was but set it off in the wrong light. For me the 5c brought an element of fun to the iPhone line up, which it needed. Everyone’s phones look the same suddenly seeing a blue or yellow 5c really stood out and even now when I see them I reminisce to when I had mine. Let’s not also forget how durable and comfortable it was. More friendly than the sharp corners of the 5 it brought back that soft feel of the 3G I loved so much. I also dropped it multiple times and didn’t break it, yes scratches but that looks cool.

I’m really hoping the XR is a success and Apple embrace colour back in its line up, imagine a colourful iPad!