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The iPhone 12 Mini is the most interesting iPhone

The iPhone 7 was and still is one of my favourite iPhone’s. It was light, felt great in jet black and felt like the ultimate representation of iPhone to me.

The new iPhone 12 Mini may have that beat and I’m really pleased to see it in the line up, here’s why.

A new iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was another iconic and comfortable to hold onto iPhone (without a case). I feel like the new Mini is going to feel the same way. It’s smaller and lighter than the current SE and with it’s boxed sides it’ll be easier to hold onto than these curved edges we have now that make them like a bar of soap.

A phone you want to use without a case

I really don’t like cases, the only one I’ve been liking is the yellow Apple Leather on my 11 Pro but I prefer the naked look as Apple intended. I’d never really used a case before the iPhone 6 style came into the line up where the sides made it hard to hold onto. I want to try a Mini with no case and see how I get on. I’m hoping it’ll bring me back to those iPhone 5 days.

The SE we wanted

The 5/SE has been a fan favourite and I think the Mini is what a lot of SE fans wanted the SE 2020 to be, not a repurposed 8.

Lack of TouchID

I was hoping for TouchID in the power button as per the iPad Air but I think we’ll get that next year now. I have my gripes with FaceID but I don’t think it’ll be a showstopper for me here.

£100 less

The Mini is £100 less than the standard 12, that’s not insignificant. Although it starts at 64GB not 128GB I think that £749 for a 128GB isn’t too bad. Yes, you can get better specs on Android for the money but not this form factor.

My thinking on updating

My thinking is that I’ll potentially be trading in the 11 Pro and paying maybe £50 to get the Mini. For me it’ll depend on

  • Can I live without the 2x zoom
  • What’s it like to type on

I’ll need to get one in my hands and test it as I can see these two stopping me moving to the smaller form factor. I’ve set aside some money from recent eBay selling to look at a phone but as I said earlier we’ll need to wait for reviews to decide this one.

Apple is including the wrong cable in the iPhone 12 box

This is an odd move in my opinion. Certainly from everyone I know outside of being a tech enthusiast they haven’t got a wall brick with a USB-C fitting on it, all old school USB-A. It predicates someone owning an iPad Pro or MacBook. My other USB-C devices (Nintendo Switch) have moulded plugs and can’t be used.

At this point I wish Apple had just gone all in with USB-C on the iPhone and be done with it or included an USB-A cable like in the Apple Watch Series 6.

I know you can use an old cable but if this is your first Apple device or your old cable is broken then you’ll be buying a wall brick too.

iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro

I’m currently on an iPhone 11 Pro and when looking at the comparison sheets I’m not seeing a real difference that would make you feel compelled to upgrade. Now there is a difference to the 12 Pro Max but we’re talking the standard pro.


Still no high fresh rate screen (come on Apple) but it’s a little bigger. 6.1″ vs 5.8″, which in real world use isn’t much at all. Wouldn’t upgrade for this.


Similar, although I’m seeing reports the 12 Pro is less than 11 Pro. In real world they will be the same.


There are some changes here with better low light and night mode selfies, not going to drastically improve your life. The zoom is the same. I think in real world the lower aperture isn’t going to make a massive difference but you’ll need to wait for testing.


Don’t upgrade at all for this. It’ll benefit the camera, which I’ve already mentioned above but as someone that already has this on an iPad AR isn’t compelling yet.


This is a marketing ploy at this point. You don’t need 5G yet and it’s not even rolling out across all countries, no need to upgrade for this.

Should you upgrade?

If you’re on an 11 Pro I think the answer is no. Unless the reviews tell us otherwise then don’t feel the need to upgrade from your still great iPhone 11 Pro.

To choose an iPhone 12 you’ll need to wait for the reviews

Wow, so many new iPhone 12 models. I have to be honest I wasn’t totally focussed on the event with other more important things going on at the moment but my head is spinning this year. The only thing I do know is that if I do upgrade it’ll most probably be going smaller to the iPhone 12 Mini.

If you’re looking to upgrade I suggest waiting until all of the reviews are out, especially for the Pro models.

Apple have made the largest phone have the best camera again so whilst a disappointment for those that don’t like big phones and a want the best camera will be in a pickle this year.

I think you’re going to have to wait until the reviews so that you can see the real difference.

Personally I want to see how 2x digital compares to 2x optical on the camera before choosing.

Excited for a smaller iPhone 12

All the rumours seem to point to a 5.4″ FaceID enabled iPhone 12 Mini (I don’t think it’ll be called mini) this year and it’s the one I’m most excited to see. I still really miss being able to use an iPhone SE or iPhone 7 sized device and with me using an iPhone 11 Pro now I’m excited to see how this new form factor looks, the camera capabilities and weight of it.

With some eBay money and trading in my 11 I should be ok getting the 5.4″ this year if it is indeed around £699.

I have no interest in going larger to the 6.1″ and even the 11 Pro I use now is too big for me, the main reason I don’t use a case.

A smaller, squarer, lighter iPhone might be the way to go for me this year, that’s if the rumours turn out to be true.

Which sized iPhone are you looking forward to?

Don’t buy an iPhone 12, just get your battery replaced instead

I’m doing my best to both look after my finances and be a bit kinder to the environment so with the impending iPhone 12 it’s time to remember that your current phone is most probably fine. Unless you’re on the iPhone upgrade program then you can most likely sit this one out. The rumours are looking like it’ll be the same as the 11 models mostly in terms of camera and FaceID but will come in a few different sizes and the design will be squared off on the sides. This’ll be nice if you don’t like cases but does it justify £700-£1300 spend in 2020?

Another alternative is to breathe some new life into your existing device by replacing your battery.

Head into settings, battery then battery health.

This’ll show you the age of your battery I.e. what’s the max it can charge to now. Mines been recently replaced due to warranty issue so you can see I’m at 100%. If your 80% or lower then I’d recommend you changing out the battery.

The only safe way to do this in my opinion (unless you know what you’re doing) is to get Apple to change it for you. The prices are very reasonable, here’s the link.

Battery and camera and the main reasons to upgrade and you can cut one of those off now with a replacement.

iPhone 11 Pro, a year later

I’ve been using my 11 Pro for over a year now and it struck me that it doesn’t feel that long and is still a great phone to get. I’m on my second one, due to dust under the lens that Apple replaced but I see no need to upgrade – it’s a solid choice. You’ll also start to see used models on the market and it might be worth a look instead of going for any new models.

The good

  • The camera is still great in all conditions. It’ll never replace the DSLR for air shows and big days out but everything else is covered. When I could go out places I’d mostly only take the iPhone. The biggest improvements with this one is indoors and low light. I’ve been impressed with how good it’s been as a general camera taking shots indoors and family situations. I love the 2x zoom but never use the ultra wide.
  • Battery is amazing, hardly think about charging and it would be hard to switch to another device that doesn’t last all day no matter what I’m doing.
  • The finish is nice, I don’t use a case and love the matte glass finish along with the midnight green. Sure I’d love a modern take on the 5c, but we both know that’s never going to happen.

The bad

  • I constantly struggle with FaceID and hope Apple can look at the iPad Air and bring over the TouchID home button.
  • Lack of USB-C is becoming an annoyance for me. My laptop. iPad and games console all charge with it but I have to keep lightning around to charge my iPhone.
  • The screen is brittle, very susceptible to scratching. Since the iPhone X the quality of glass has been terrible and every iPhone I’ve had since had picked up a load of screen scratching. This doesn’t bother me but if you are bothered by it put on a screen protector as soon as you unbox it.

Next upgrade

I’m trying to be better on the environment and intend to skip this years model. When I see TouchID and USB-C I’ll be ready to upgrade. I think if the rumours are true aside from flat sides and a potential new colour the iPhone 12 will be ok to skip over.

There won’t be a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 12

Off the back of the new iPad Air with it’s TouchID sensor in the top button there’s been a lot of speculation about whether that will make its way to the iPhone. I’m sticking my neck out and saying no, there won’t be a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 12.

As much as I’d love to see TouchID back I don’t see Apple changing their course on FaceID for the iPhone this year. I see it as an iPad only feature for now and they will see how customer feedback goes in the coming year.

iPhone 13 might be a different story if the iPad Air feedback is great but Apple being stubborn Apple they are wedded to FaceID on the iPhone until customers start looking elsewhere.

It’s a strange move though as I’d have thought TouchID in a button would come to iPhone first. After using the 2020 iPad Pro now for a few months to me FaceID makes much more sense on the iPad than the iPhone. Especially when I’m docked into my magic keyboard simply unlocking the iPad with the space bar is amazing but on the iPhone 11 Pro I’m still frustrated by FaceID on an almost daily basis. If the SE had a better camera I’d be off, although I am keeping my eye on the Google Pixel 4a prices.

So, what do you think? Would you like to see TouchID back on the flagship iPhone? I’d love to be wrong on this.

Time to check your iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

According to my count it’s 333 days with the iPhone 11 and Pro. It’s that time of year you should be checking yours for any defects whilst you’re in warranty. I was reminded of this when I checked mine and saw dust under my wide angle lens so I’ll be on the chat with Apple today. This isn’t such a big issue if you have Apple Care+ but if you don’t have a little check of your device to see how it’s held up.