Owning the 12” MacBook


As you mostly likely know I get work done on my trusty iPad Pro but do occasionally use my 12″ MacBook, yes the one that Apple discontinued this week.

I’ve owned my base model since Jan 2017 and had a love/hate relationship with it since. The elephant in the room is obviously that keyboard. For me the travel is a little lacking but the layout and keys themselves don’t upset me. I do however have sticking keys that I need to get looked at, which reminds me I need to book an appointment at Apple.

The next downside of owning one is the performance. It’s not great if you want to do anything other than web and email. Even using the photos app on my iCloud Photo Library (around 40,000 photos) makes it choke. It’s not particularly slow in everyday stuff I do like writing but as soon as you do anything with images or video it’s slow.

The main plus side is size and weight. I love the design and portability of this machine. It goes in my laptop bag and just feels like taking an iPad with me.

I wouldn’t recommend picking one up used or refurbished, it’s a machine with more negatives than positives and I’d save some money and wait or get an iPad Pro.

My MacBook keyboard is broken


I was waiting for this day, yes the dreaded keyboard failures on the new flatter Apple laptop keyboards has finally hit my 2016 12″ MacBook and I’m really glad I still have Apple Care+.

The key I’m having issue with is TAB, when I went to use it today it was stuck down and flat to the laptop. After a bit of tapping it came back to life but doesn’t feel like the rest of the keys.

Looks like I’ll be contacting Apple Care tomorrow to get this one sorted out.

The iPad and RSI

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When I started working on an iPad full time I was sold on the flexibility of the device but as time has gone on I’ve started to find issues with RSI. When I’m doing something heavy like updating my productivity app, editing images and editing a podcast I found I ran into shoulder issues. The constant need to keep moving my arm up to do actions have become an issue. It’s got me rethinking my entire setup, well for a bit anyway. For consumption the iPad was much better than my laptop but using it full time has had me struggling a little.

I’ve decided to make a change and switch back to using my MacBook for a few months for some of the heavy lifting to see if it helps. I’ve also noticed that using the iPad without the Smart Keyboard cover and just the glass on my lap helped so I’ll be adjusting my use a little to start using that method of input or the Apple Pencil.

Along with some shoulder exercises and general getting out for daily walks I’m hoping to move forward positively and address this.

So I’m back to the MacBook probably 70% of the time for a bit and I’ll report back on how it’s going.

Anyone else run into these issues?