Avengers Infinity War decals

I’m a fan of making tech my own, be it via a case or sticking decals on them. I know some people are horrified by this but for me it adds some personality. Everyone’s iPhone’s just looks the same.

I spent a few quid (see link below) on Amazon and grabbed this Infinity War set. In the package you get a total of 34 decals that you can stick anywhere you want.

They are clear backed so only the image is visible on your device and are easily taken off.

I was originally after a Cap shield but at this price you may as well get the entire infinity war set.


So, you’re either going to love or hate personalising your stuff this way but for me I love it.

Link: Marvel Avengers Infinity War Gadget Decals Re-Usable Waterproof Stickers, Vinyl, Multi-Colour, 21 x 15 x 1 cm

Non Spoiler Infinity War review

I’ve seen Infinity War twice now and wanted to share my thoughts on it now that I have had some time to digest everything. First off I’ll come straight out say it’s in my top 3 MCU movies along with Winter Soldier and Civil War – these are in no particular order by the way.

To me as someone that is somewhat familiar with the comic story line I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in front of me, it really is like a comic book coming to life. Massive fight sequences mixed with humour and a diverse set of characters make this a really enjoyable movie. It has to be seen at the cinema, it’s that huge a deal. Not many movies like this come along and it’s up there with Empire Strikes Back and The Lord of the Rings trilogy in terms of it being that epic (to me).

Not everyone is going to be pleased but I am glad that Disney backed the Russo brothers and pulled out something amazing from a crazy amount of characters.

If you haven’t seen any MCU movies then it’s going to be difficult, you have to see at least the 3 Captain America’s, first 2 Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and previous Avengers.

Marvel Legends Captain America Shield

I’m slowly but surely filling my home office with stuff I love, thought I was time to get some Marvel props. The Marvel Legends series are made by Hasbro and offer an affordable high quality replica of your favourite film props. I’m planning on wall mounting this one, more on this in a later post.

Here are some images of the unboxing: