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Moving my Newsletter from REVUE

I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts via the newsletter but the service I’ve been using is no longer viable for me. I’ve had an account for months and no matter what information I provide I can’t seem to get a verified account. This means that I can no longer send issues via the service so am stuck. I can’t delete my account (because it’s not verified) and can’t send issues so for now I’m putting the Newsletter on hold whilst I figure out what to do.

Thanks for everything that has subscribed to me so far and watch this space for updates.

Flexibits teases an all new Fantastical

I’ve really gotten into using Fantastical over the last few months and particularly enjoy the fact that my calendar and reminders are all in one place.

Flexibits have teased us with a new version and whilst I’m not so excited about new functionality around sharing I’m very excited to see what they do about better integrating reminders into the app.

I like the statement above emphasising the word tasks, the current version is a little lacking when it comes to managing your to do list. I’d love to be able to use just fantastical so anything they can do to improve this integration would be much appreciated.

Thoughts on a foldable phone

I haven’t watched all of Samsung’s latest event but I did see the new Galaxy Fold, what a name… anyway a foldable $2000 smartphone is something I wanted to comment on.

My first impression when seeing it on the livestream was, wow that’s just two phones stuck together. It’s kind of cool to see something folding out to a bigger screen but this isn’t the implementation that makes sense to me. I’m sure on video I could see a folder or crease at the middle point that would just be distracting. I believe that sliding additional screen from the side is the way we’ll see this implementation. Think of a scroll that you roll out, not unlike the LG foldable TV that was announced earlier in the year at CES.

I’ve got to give it to Samsung for trying here and getting something out but it looks like a terrible implementation to my eyes.

Now with that price I have to think it’ll sell in the hundreds rather than millions here. Looking at the global smartphone slowdown this isn’t the answer, it’s high end luxury and the sales will show it. It’s a party piece to show off not something to use as a daily driver. However it’s good to get it out there and get some in the wild to see how it takes off and get some real world testing completed.

I’m not entirely sold that foldable is the future but whatever it is, this isn’t the end implementation. It’s a baby step, a stepping off point something that gets the technology into the hands of users that are willing to give it a go. For me it still looks like two phones stuck together, I’ll be waiting a while for the ‘scroll phone’.

LJPUK Stats 2018 roundup

Although I’m not setting the world alight with my content I’ve seen a steady increase in traffic since launching the new site on WordPress. I’m not talking hundreds of thousands but I’m in the tens of thousands now, which I’m pleased with. I’ve not marketed at all really just put out content that I’ve wanted to share.

So, my top post:

This won by a considerable margin and shows writing how to’s for small creators is a good way to bring some traffic your way.

Next up the top ten countries that visit my site.

Not a surprise given I’m based in the UK and write mainly about technology. I’m surprised that Switzerland made it in there, thanks to whoever is visiting my site from there.

Lastly here are my top referrers.

Surprise for me is seeing a lot of readers coming from other WordPress users. I have a steady number of them being added every week and something I didn’t expect. If you have a WordPress site consider using the reader to follow sites within the app.

So, good to see an upward trend on my viewers and hopefully blogging makes a comeback in this age of toxic social media.

Thanks to everyone that’s contributed to these stats this year.


Hi everyone, as we get to the end of the year I wanted to just say thanks to everyone that has read, engaged with me and shared my content this year. As an independent content creator it’s sometimes hard to maintain the motivation to keep going, especially when you have a demanding day job.

Even though blogging isn’t exactly fashionable in 2018 I enjoy writing and even though I’m not able to support myself doing this it’s been a fun project over the last few years.

I’m going to maintain this going forward and will be adding a few new things into the mix like some focus on video and maybe a new podcast but with a family and day job we’ll have to see how it all pans out.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas.