Replacing my iPhone changed my view on Smart HDR

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Something weird happened when I got a replacement iPhone last week, smart HDR got better. I have no idea how this happened unless the last one had a fault in the camera module (in store diagnostics didn’t show any) but the first day I had the chance to take some pics at sunset I was the most impressed I’ve been with the XS.

These are straight off the camera with no edits.

This is the one that changed my mind, check out the reflection in the pond – to me it’s balanced everything perfectly.

Another area I noticed was in skin tone where it felt a bit flat before and somehow the skin colour looked almost doll like, all one tone. In the testing I’ve done this weekend out in restaurants and out and about outside with my family I’ve picked up on the fact that skin tones suddenly look normal again.

I’m not running a beta just the latest released iOS 12.

Anyone else experienced this?

#shotoniphone photo gallery


I’ve tried to use my iPhone as much as possible as a point and shoot and been very inspired by this Reddit thread highlighting what you can do with an iPhone. What’s nice is that it shows with the right lighting you can get stunning shots with any iPhone, you should see some of the iPhone SE and 6 shots in there.

Hope you find some inspiration here like I have.

Sony RX100 VI initial impressions


I’ve been playing with the Sony RX100 mark VI for a few days now and I have to say I’m conflicted. On the one hand it’s very portable and after spending some time getting to grips with the over complicated menu system I’m not sure if I’m keeping it.

I’m trying to balance strengths vs weaknesses and for my use I’m not seeing many benefits right now for the outlay of almost £1000.

Whilst auto focus is lightning quick and the zoom fast I just can’t get it to be as versatile as my Canon or even as good as my iPhone XS (or 7) at getting close for macro.

You can’t zoom in to get macro you need to be close but even when I do I’m struggling to get the clear shots I want.

Here’s a shot I really like and perfect for the blog but it took a lot of get and about as close as I can get.

These sort of shots aren’t clear to my eyes and I’m unsatisfied with them compared to something I’d do with my Canon 70D.

Replacing a smart phone and carrying a light and portable point and shoot then the Sony does well but if you’re looking for versatility then I’m struggling to justify keeping it.

Video is great, especially slow motion but I rarely shoot any.

As a travel camera then the Sony is great but as a day to day replacement for my Canon it’s just not going to fit the bill I don’t think.

So, I think that this camera is for someone who I looking for an amazing travel and holiday camera that has the budget to invest in a camera for just this purpose. For me I think I’m getting my money back and either looking for something cheaper or waiting until they come down in price in a sale. I’d be happy spending £600 on one but not £1000.

Sony RX100 VI screen protector

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I’m not a huge fan of screen protectors on my phone or iPad but I always get them for my cameras. I did some experimenting and landed on the Ormy screen guard glass.

Fitting it was easy using the included dust removal sticker and just placing it on the camera. It probably helps that the camera is new so didn’t have much time to develop much gunk over time 😀.

Here’s it fitted, you can see it adds a little to the screen height but it’s hardly noticeable.

Replacing your iPhone photography with a compact?

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my gear this week since getting the iPad Mini. It’s strange but in a way it’s helped me think about how I’m using what I have. It’s replaced my iPhone for home use so got me thinking about if I could carry a smaller iPhone but get something to replace the photography elements. I’ve predominantly replaced my iPhone each year because of the camera but when looking at a small compact I could carry with me everywhere it makes sense for me to go down the camera route. I’m looking at something like a Sony RX100 that gives me the flexibility of zoom, pocketable and discrete when compared to my Canon DSLR. I haven’t actioned any changes to my setup yet but I’m seriously thinking of swapping things up.

iPad Mini Photography workflow

Photography, Tech

Aside from loving the smaller form factor I’m also loving the screen on the new iPad Mini so it made sense for me to use it in my workflow. I’m using it alongside my Canon DSLR to import the images and have an initial run through, deleting those that I don’t like or won’t edit later.

When I picked up my iPad I also picked up the lightning to SD Card reader. This imports images from my memory card quickly and goes straight up to iCloud. I’ve been taking some test images and testing imports and this iPad Mini is going in my camera bag with me on longer trips.