Podcasting alone is hard


When I started doing my little solo podcast it was easy, I had a few topics to discuss and could just talk unscripted. However this became difficult after a few weeks and has since been put on hold.

Being motivated to continue on your own is harder that it sounds, well it was for me. Without someone to bounce ideas off it became difficult to both come up with topics and the motivation to go the extra mile (working late into the night after a day of work and family life).

This is also true for having someone to push you and have a schedule not to let them down.

So I don’t discourage a solo podcast but it didn’t work for me, I like to talk to others and have a good time.

On that note if anyone wants a guest or start a tech, Marvel or Star Wars podcast let me know 😀

Reducing my podcast consumption

podcasting, Tech

2019 has already started with too many inputs, technology moves so fast and having a focus on Apple even more so – keeping up is tough so I’ve kind of declared podcast bankruptcy. I follow a lot of blogs (these days more independent writers) and I’m enjoying actually reading them rather than being constantly plugged into a podcast.

I’m not naming any names but some podcast networks also only invite on the same guests, not a lot of diversity in the Apple podcasting world for me to enjoy. There’s only so much attention I can give some people – especially when I’m trying to stay focussed and calm in 2019.

So I’ve paired my podcast listening down to about 5 shows now, the ones that also have a YouTube channel I’ll watch them rather than listen. I’m hoping this will bring some calm into my life and reduce the amount of headspace I’m giving Apple content. I actually find that I enjoy listening/watching to folks talking about comic books and Star Wars a lot more these days, maybe it’s time I started writing more about these subjects…

Here’s to listening to more music, reading more independent writers and getting off the always on news cycle.