When will Apple drop Google as the default search engine?


I’ve been reinstalling iOS a lot this week and one thing hit me, why is Google still the default search engine? Yes, I know Google pay them billions a year for this privilege but why with their privacy stance are they still doing it?

I was hoping iOS 13 changed this but nope it’s still the same. Maybe DuckDuckGo becomes the default or maybe it just asks you I’m not sure but it must be something Apple are looking at internally.

Removing your smart TV from the internet

Opinion, Tech

I’ve been using my LG Smart TV for a year or so and before that a Sony but never before considered if I should actually leave it connected to the internet or not. In 2019 I’m starting to think more about where my data is being sent and only using cloud services that I trust. In reading through the terms and conditions of my LG it’s so hard to figure out what is and isn’t being done and sent so I decided to remove it completely from being able to talk to the mothership.

After I logged out of Google etc on the TV apps I made sure I had the latest software update and then disabled WiFi. I am thinking of removing the WiFi details completely but for now just turning off WiFi should be enough.

Instead I’m going to be using the Apple TV for everything streaming. It has all the apps I need and I trust Apple.

I may be being paranoid but for me I feel more comfortable with it not transmitting everything I’m doing. Yes, I’ll need to enable for software updates periodically but I won’t be constantly connected.