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How to delete a shortcut

I’m starting to get into using Shortcuts again and going to start to share my journey. Starting off pretty basic with how to delete a shortcut. What I’ve found is I’ve created loads of test ones and the app has gotten pretty messy.

Tap the edit button in the top left.

Tap the shortcut you want to delete as above then tap the trash can.

A shortcut for day trips

I’m taking baby steps with shortcuts and this time I’m actually getting it. I’ve tried in the past but I think I was going the wrong way about it. Now I’m starting small and thinking of little time savers for things I do frequently.

I’m trying to create a shortcut that I enable when I’m out on day trips to help preserve some battery life.

I’m just a couple of steps in so far as I think about steps I can take to put me in that maximum battery saving day trip mode.

Here’s the link to the above.

I’m open to suggestions of what to add.

OmniFocus Shortcuts

If you read my post the other day you’ll know I’m only just getting into shortcuts. Using OmniFocus for the last few days has suddenly opened up a load of use cases for me.

I’m starting slowly but have created two new ones to speed up my writing process.

In OmniFocus I have a folder called CREATIVE PROJECTS then various projects including WRITING. In here I put blog post ideas as I think of them. One of the things that slows me down in OmniFocus is getting to my various projects quickly in the UI, this little shortcut makes that whole process a lot easier for me. I can now simply run the shortcut and add my idea.

My second simple shortcut simply shows me my blog post idea list. I then flag any I want to work on so that they appear in my flagged items in OmniFocus.

It’s a start and I’ll share more as I do then. I didn’t share the iCloud link for these as they are specific to my setup.

Getting started with shortcuts

Confession time, I’ve never gotten into Shortcuts. I’ve tried and failed several timed but today on doing something I do everyday I suddenly realised I should be using shortcuts.

I tend to turn off WiFi when I leave the house so I created these two very simple shortcuts to let me quickly turn it on and off.

Wasn’t sure whether to share them but you can grab them with the links above.

I’ll share more as I start to use them more.

A shortcut to create a food diary in DayOne

Since getting the iPad Mini weirdly I’ve been doing a lot more with shortcuts. I’ve been playing around this morning after downloading Rosemary Orchards one to help prompt you for DayOne journal entry. One thing on my list was to do one that creates a food diary.

Here’s my starter for ten shortcut to let you take a photo and put it into a DayOne diary called ‘Food’. I find that the action to do this often leads me to not eat some cake or something else I don’t want to right now, it adds a delay and hoping helps break a bad habit.

Get the shortcut.

A shortcut to publish to WordPress from Apple Notes

After playing around this morning with Apple Notes publishing to WordPress and with help from Greg Morris I think have a Shortcut to enable it.

Here’s the link.

Let’s you select your note, then asks for Title and tags. It’s pretty rudimentary as this is a first draft but let me know if you use it and make it better.

Note that I’m writing in Markdown when I write the post that I want to publish so that I can create the formatting and links myself. Sharing a Note with an embedded URL or formatting is a little buggy.