A shortcut to create a food diary in DayOne


Since getting the iPad Mini weirdly I’ve been doing a lot more with shortcuts. I’ve been playing around this morning after downloading Rosemary Orchards one to help prompt you for DayOne journal entry. One thing on my list was to do one that creates a food diary.

Here’s my starter for ten shortcut to let you take a photo and put it into a DayOne diary called ‘Food’. I find that the action to do this often leads me to not eat some cake or something else I don’t want to right now, it adds a delay and hoping helps break a bad habit.

Get the shortcut.

A shortcut to publish to WordPress from Apple Notes


After playing around this morning with Apple Notes publishing to WordPress and with help from Greg Morris I think have a Shortcut to enable it.

Here’s the link.

Let’s you select your note, then asks for Title and tags. It’s pretty rudimentary as this is a first draft but let me know if you use it and make it better.

Note that I’m writing in Markdown when I write the post that I want to publish so that I can create the formatting and links myself. Sharing a Note with an embedded URL or formatting is a little buggy.

A shortcut to combine screenshots into one image


Whilst trying to do a how to and find an image app to combine screenshots it hit me – this is why we have shortcuts.

Using Rosemary Orchard’s amazing Day One shortcut here as a foundation I managed to create my first shortcut.

This takes images from today, allows you to select and creates a side by side image of them that can be used in how to’s.

Here’s the link

Here’s a sample: