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Apple, let me opt out of people listening to my Siri requests

Very interesting article in the guardian about actual humans listening to Siri voice recordings. This is something that both Google and Amazon are doing but with the stance Apple take on privacy this is definitely a knock for the them. The main issue is that I certainly wasn’t aware this was happening and there appears to be no way to opt out.

If you’re uncomfortable with this then turn off Siri for now. I’d expect Apple to resolve this and give an option to opt out pretty quickly. If not, then they will have to justify why there isn’t one.

Hey Siri, it’s 2018

I’ve really tried to use Siri more in my day to day but it’s still embarrassingly bad (for me).

Here’s my latest failure when I asked about food measures. My most common one at the moment is garbled reminders. I’ll be in the car and remember I have to do something later so I’ll say “remind me to”. Often when I check my reminders it’ll be so off base I’ll not even remember what I asked it to remind me.

The HomePod fares better at understanding me but I’m not always at home using it.

It’s a hard problem to fix and I’m not stating how I’d go about fixing it but anyone else still struggle to use Siri? I feel it’s 7 years later and just as basic and unreliable.