Don’t buy your SIM free phone from Carphone Warehouse

I’ve been browsing around looking at different ways to get a Pixel 3a and came across this return policy for Carphone Warehouse Wow, you can’t actually return a SIM free phone at all. This is unbelievable in this day in age when compared to some other stores and their 14 day return policies. If youContinue reading “Don’t buy your SIM free phone from Carphone Warehouse”

Thoughts on a foldable phone

I haven’t watched all of Samsung’s latest event but I did see the new Galaxy Fold, what a name… anyway a foldable $2000 smartphone is something I wanted to comment on. My first impression when seeing it on the livestream was, wow that’s just two phones stuck together. It’s kind of cool to see somethingContinue reading “Thoughts on a foldable phone”