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Taking breaks from social media and the news

I think especially in these times taking breaks from social media and especially the mainstream news has been beneficial for my mental health. I find when I get dragged back into a link from social that leads me to main news my mood gets worse, so I’m back on a break.

Going cold turkey and deleting Tweetbot is the place to start, then just not checking the main news sites is next.

If I go quiet on Twitter I’m not ignoring anyone I’m just taking a little holiday from it.

It’s ok to mute or unfollow people on Twitter to help your mental health

In these times there’s a lot of negativity or content you just don’t want to see or be reminded of. This is just a little reminder that’s it’s fine to mute or unfollow people for posting stuff you don’t want to see. I cannot use the official app as it’s mute options are fiddly so I use Tweetbot. Using Tweetbot lets you quickly mute people for certain periods or unfollow, this makes it easy for me to control what I see to help my mental health.

I’m not in a particularly great place at the moment and I’ve been pretty heavy handed with muting. I’ll tend to mute for a period of a week when I see something I don’t want. I can also mute certain keywords or hashtags really easily too.

If you want to mute or unfollow me too that’s fine, if I bring you down then please do it. Think of your own wellbeing and do what’s right for you, only you know this.

The official Twitter app is bad for my mental health

Here we go again…

I’ve been using the official app but I’m done with it again, it’s not helping out my mental health right now. I’m sorry to those of you where I’m going to miss your conversation or that DM but I’m going to be taking a break from the official app.

  • I’m getting an ad every two tweets
  • I get sucked into the news, not a great thing in 2020
  • Muting people and keyboards doesn’t seem to be that effective

I’ll still be logging into the site every week to help with my job searching (just in case I miss a notification) and check in on polls but for now I’ll be back to Tweetbot, where I control what I see and how I see it.

So please again accept my apologies in advance if I miss a thread due to Tweetbot not seeing it.

Move your social media apps to your second page

I’ve been sharing a few home screens lately to be honest they are already out of date, why? Well I don’t think it’s a good idea to have your social media apps on your main Home Screen page. Since moving them to the second page (or App Library if you’re on the iOS 14 beta) I’ve reduced my habit of checking in with them so often. Now I’m not here to tell you how much you should be using social media but why not give this a try and check your usage in a couple of weeks, do you feel better for it?

The WordPress social network

Since moving back to WordPress for my blogging I’ve rediscovered the inbuilt social network that it has.

I took it for granted but within the WordPress app you can follow other blogs and use it as a reader of sorts liking others posts. I’ve not really engaged in it but recently turned on the ability to show likes on my blog posts and I’m pleasantly surprised that people are reading and liking my posts here.

I’ve also discovered some new blogs and follow along. If you’re on WordPress enable the above and start to engage with the community, you’ll be surprised how much you can back.

Posting exclusively on Micro.Blog

As you might have seen on Twitter, I’m moving my social onto Micro.Blog as a test for a bit as I am feeling completely worn out by the attitude and way that free social platforms (and video sharing) sites work. Rewarding negativity and outrage isn’t a service I want to support so I’m slowly making moves to come off them.

I’m going to posting to my Micro.Blog exclusively now for a bit to see how I get on and if it sticks I might even move the blog over.

See you there.

Slack is slowly replacing Twitter for me

I’ve become more and more aware of the negative effects that social media and YouTube are having on my mental health lately and as you may have noticed I’m becoming less and less active on them. What has been good though is the introduction of Slack into my life. I’m in a few different slack rooms now, all of which contain most of the people I interact with on Twitter but with no manipulation by the companies that run them.

I’m finding that I’m much happier when I’m in Slack and in positive interactions than logging into Twitter and feeling bad after I’m done more than good. Don’t get me wrong, I do have good interactions on Twitter but they are outweighed by the way I feel after being on there.

I do have my own little slack room but I don’t want to add another place for people to check but if you’d be interested them let me know.

Putting a limit on social media

I’ve tried to take a step back from social media for a while and always struggle but I’ve found using the screen time feature in iOS has helped me limit the time I spend on them.

I’ve added a couple of limits to help me gradually reduce the time I spend on Twitter each day. I’ve set 20 minutes as a limit and will gradually reduce this slowly until it gets to 5.

I’ve been checking out the other apps via the ‘see all activity’ and tap on the app you want to add a limit to.

Anyone else using this?

Deleting social media apps off your phone

I’m only a day in with taking a break but in that day I’ve noticed I’ve created more and read more.

What I’m starting to realise is having social media apps on my iPad or only checking in a browser on the computer is a good compromise if you’re looking at reducing your consumption of it.

My only social media is Twitter and Reddit (yes, I know it’s not strictly a social media platform) so going cold turkey and removing the apps from my iPhone was a good first step.

I used my iPad and realised I had left them installed so I casually checked Reddit for ten minutes and put it down. What I’ve observed is having them on my iPhone created this habit loop of checking but if I restrict them to another secondary device like a Mac or iPad then it’s much easier to engage less frequently.

Now when I want to pick up my iPhone I find I’m in an RSS reader looking at someone’s blog or listening to music. Big wins.

If you’re looking at reducing the time spent on these platforms then I’d definitely give this method a go.

Swapping social media for creativity

I’ve noticed in the past (and rewriting this post as a reminder) that if I want to create more I need to swap my Twitter habit with a creation one. I’m finding that in downtime that I’m scrolling my feeds in Twitter or Reddit instead of doing something to benefit my mental health like playing my guitar or jotting down my thoughts here or hey even going out for a walk.

I’m going to be taking a break from Twitter especially over the next month to see if I improve my mood and frequency of output I’m happy with.

Join in with me and see what happens to your creative projects you’ve been looking to spend more time on.