Taking a step back (slowly removing myself from Twitter)

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I wrote this post about how I’m trying to be more intentional using social media. Well after trying it I’m changing it up and deleting them completely. Twitter gives me very little in return for the negativity that I’m seeing. It’s become a habit to check what’s going on but I share very little these days. I won’t be deleting my account but will occasionally be checking in for my DM’s and won’t be replying to @mentions very quickly at all (sorry). These checks will be done in Safari on the Mac.

If you want to contact me about podcasting or anything really then you can use my contact page here and I’ll get back to you. I’m also thinking of a slack room which might be a good way to stay in touch if I don’t have you on iMessage already.

I’m also moving over to Micro.blog where you’ll find me here. If you want to support a great project then please consider doing the same.

I hope I’m getting across my feelings on this but I’ve got a lot going on and trying to stay positive and also create content is getting harder for me these days. I don’t want to disappear completely but need to take steps to move in the right direction.

An update on Micro.blog

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I’ve been flirting with switching where I share my social feed to for ages but recently made the investment in getting into Micro.blog. I’ve created a feed linked from the blog here. You may have already noticed I’m posting less and less on Twitter as I become more jaded on the service but my blog and Micro.blog feel more relaxing to me and how I want to use a blog and social platform. Appreciate not everyone will come over but I’d recommend at least giving this a read if you’re feeling overwhelmed by social networks.

Moving social media to my iPad and being more intentional

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I’m constantly trying to get better at managing my social media time and I thought the best first step (this time!) was to move everything social to my iPad. I use the iPad more intentionally so I’m going to manage social along with my blog in a folder of it’s own. On the iPad I have a blog folder with all of my Blog stuff, it’ll live in there.

If you’re trying to cut back on your social media a bit then I’d recommend moving it off your smartphone and onto a laptop or tablet so that it’s less of a temptation and more intentional.

Schedule your Twitter time

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You know I struggle with social media, I got into Twitter pretty deep and needed to get out and regain some headspace. I’ve done a few steps to help this including unfollowing everyone and removing the apps from my iPhone.

What I’ve found is that the best way (for me) is to schedule in my social media time. I have a reminder to log into Twitter every two weeks and in that time I check my notifications and DM’s. I then spend this time to reply to any that I have.

I’ve found that this has started to help me be more creative in my writing as I’m not constantly plugged into others opinions. It’s also allowing me to take time to just be bored and have some quiet time.

Why I deleted YouTube from my devices and stopped using the service

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YouTube has become worse for me over the last few years both as a distraction (all on me) and becoming a hive of negativity, humble brags, encouraging people to waste money and fake theories. It was a real eye opener when I used it signed out for a week but worse than that my own suggestions are also polluted with these same videos and awful thumbnails.

YouTube’s algorithm for encouraging this kind of content has gotten out of hand and I don’t want to be part of it. As I’ve written before I’m glad I stopped growing my channel about 7 years ago now I’ve seen what content YouTube encourages you to create. The way to grow is to be extreme!

I thought that I have my subscriptions that I mostly enjoy and as long as I only use it on our TV watching only those things I think I’ll be ok but when the app defaults to recommend and the first thing I see is “how I blew £2000 at (insert store name here)” I’d had enough. The content I watch I can get in podcast form so I’ve just subscribed to the podcast feed in Overcast instead.

I’ve now deleted it off all of my iOS devices, unsubscribed to all channels and deleted my account from our LG TV.

Keeping social on a blog?

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I started using Micro.blog a little while ago now and although I don’t use it as a Twitter alternative, I do use it to post small updates to my blog. When I experimented with it a while ago I found that being off Twitter so much more helped me be more creative and gain more followers to my blog as my content went there instead.

My main issue with this was the lack of interaction as readers don’t tend to like to comment on blogs as there are more barriers to entry.

So I’m going to make the following changes for a month or so so see what happens and if I get some more headspace back.

  • Delete the Twitter apps from my iPhone
  • Check Twitter once or twice a week (instead of multiple times a day) for interactions on my content
  • Post updates to my blog from Micro,blog, not long form but smaller updates on how things are going

See you on the blog.