My simple smartphone home screen

As part of trying to be more mindful about how I use my device I’ve simplified my home screen a lot. Here’s how it’s currently setup Only use utilities or methods of communicating with others on my first page, this covers most of the apps on there My wordpress site that allows me to share […]

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How to go greyscale on the iPhone

Inspired by the Center for Humane Technology I’ve decided to take some control back and adopt some of their suggestions for using my iPhone less. The first stage to this was to implement the greyscale filter, not only does it give you more battery life but makes your iPhone screen seem less playful and in turn […]

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iOS 12 wish list

We aren’t too far away from WWDC 2018 and iOS 12 so I’m doing my usual write up. This years theme I’m hoping is “speed and stability”. I want iOS to run better on older hardware and deal with some of the long time outstanding bugs such as rotation on iPad (dock being left in […]

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