Can you set parental controls per user on Nintendo Switch?


Now my daughter has gotten into playing the Switch I needed to start to look at parental controls. In my eyes I should be able to restrict access to the game content on a per user basis.

So basically if you want to have restrictions per user then they need their own Switch. This shouldn’t be the case and now means I can’t let my daughter play on the switch without me checking up on her. Now she’s at an age where I can trust her to play the games she likes but means when she’s away or wants to borrow it for an extended period she can’t, come on Nintendo this should be a basic functionality of the console.

Note that an iPad is the same, no user login so you need an iPad per person.

Is it just me yelling at a cloud or do you think this functionality should be present?

Going back to using a point and shoot camera


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how I’m using my devices. I’m trying to use my iPhone less and be more intentional. This coupled with the fact that the screen on the XS is starting to bother my eyes made me rethink my whole setup. The conclusion I came to was that the main reason I upgrade my phone each year is for the camera.

This gave me an idea, if I got a small point and shoot I was happy with I wouldn’t have to fret over the iPhone camera upgrade each year.

So, I’ve picked up a Sony RX100 and an iPhone 7 (jet black, my favourite iPhone to date) to see if this new setup with a portable comfortable iPhone and great small camera will be all that I need.

I’ll report back in a few weeks on this one.

Following your own advice

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Since restoring my iPhone a few weeks ago I’ve fallen back into the trap of the modern smartphone. What I mean by this is having all of the apps I can available to me to use and getting caught up in these Infinity wells, such as YouTube and Social networking. Neither of which are particularly great for my wellbeing these days.

It hit me this morning whilst browsing Reddit, why am I mindlessly doing this?.

I want to be more intentional with how I’m using my technology and allow myself to be bored. Enjoy a walk without a podcast in my ears sometimes or just enjoy the warm sunshine on my face in the garden with no desire to see what’s happening on Twitter.

It also hit me that I’ve written about this before on the blog, many times actually. I’ve written about helping to reduce the time you spend on your phone and also steps I’ve made, such as only checking Twitter once a week but I’ve forgotten to listen to former me!

This post is a reminder that when I fall into bad habits to step back and think about how I want to use my technology and interact with the world around me.

So this week I’ll be back to

  • Removing all social networking apps from my iphone
  • Checking Twitter weekly for notifications
  • Sharing smaller posts more, I’ve noticed good feedback from readers of my stuff lately. This in part because my default is to share here rather than on social media
  • Reducing my podcast consumption (I’m listening to over 20 shows a week!)
  • Leaving YouTube (again)
  • Deleting Reddit apps (again)
  • Doing my best to stick with one to do app and keeping it simple

And remembering to read some of my earlier stuff

Apple Notes handwriting recognition


I know this is old news but the handwriting recognition in Apple Notes appears to have gotten better in iOS 12. I pretty much write all the time with the pencil in notes so I’ve picked up a habit of writing my title for the page in capitals, nice and clear. You can see in the image that it’s correctly picked up my handwriting and converted.

Go on, give it a go.

My simple smartphone home screen


As part of trying to be more mindful about how I use my device I’ve simplified my home screen a lot. Here’s how it’s currently setup

  • Only use utilities or methods of communicating with others on my first page, this covers most of the apps on there
  • My wordpress site that allows me to share my thoughts quickly, like this post
  • Access to my camera
  • A browser to check news rather than Apple News algorithm
  • Maps
  • Everything else is on the second page with distractions like social media hidden away in a folder.When I want to launch apps I use spotlight.This is my setup for now, I’ll report back on how it’s helping me spend more time focussed on where I want to be using my smartphone.

How “time well spent” is manageable with iOS 12


iOS 12 has some great new features that allow you to be more mindful about how you use your device, playing into the “Time well spent” movement. It helps in two ways

  1. Being able to set a time where only your defined apps are useable
  2. Setting up app limits e.g. 30 mins a day on social media

As I wrote about in a post yesterday I am very aware of how my iPhone causes me distractions and I’d like to test our iOS 12 to see if it can help on top of what I am already doing I.e. greyscale at times and a new designed home screen that stops my muscle memory of automatically going for that Tweetbot icon.

The more I read up on this new “Time well spent” movement the more I understood that it isn’t so much about stopping using Twitter all together but setting yourself some barriers to using it. It’s not about demonising technology but being more mindful of how you are using it (bearing in mind the creators don’t care about you and want you to use it more).

So, I’ll throw on the beta and set myself some limits.

How to go greyscale on the iPhone



Inspired by the Center for Humane Technology I’ve decided to take some control back and adopt some of their suggestions for using my iPhone less. The first stage to this was to implement the greyscale filter, not only does it give you more battery life but makes your iPhone screen seem less playful and in turn less likely to play around with too much.

Here’s how to enable this

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Tap Display Accommodations
  • Tap Colour Filters
  • Tap the toggle and make sure Greyscale is selected

You can easily disable when you want to take a photo or view images by adding a shortcut in control centre like this

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Control Centre
  • Tap Customise Controls
  • Tap the + next to Accessibility Shortcuts

Now when you want to get some colour back simply swipe down from the top and tap on the Accessibility Shortcut button.