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How to create a project in Todoist

I use projects to either break down a large task e.g. decorate living room or to group tasks such as a holiday.

Adding a new project is simple.

Tap on the ‘+’ next to the Projects section.

  • Give your project a name such as ‘Decorate living room’
  • Give it a colour
  • Choose to share it or not, default will be No unless you are using it with a partner or company
  • Is it a sub project? Maybe you have a parent called ‘DIY’
  • Make it a favourite if you want quick access from the top level of the layout

New year, new productivity app

I’ve needed to simplify a bit over the break and made the switch back to Todoist.

Todoist has been my fall back app for a while but I’m determined to make it stick. It’s the fastest way to get things out of my head and the natural language passing really helps to track repeating items. I’ll share more as I move through my experience of getting to know the app really well.

Any tips?

On a side note I’ve really tried to use Reminders but I have no confidence it’ll see any updates until September and it’s got UX issues in my use.

Latest iOS Todoist update

I’ve been an on and off user of Todoist for years but the latest update might make me stick around. The main thing I’ve always liked about the app was it’s straightforward UI and flexibility. I can do a fee form ‘today’ or have specific time reminders. That’s the best of both worlds for me.

The latest update introduces a few things that really improve its use (for me).

First up is a checkbox next to each item. Sounds simple but improves both the use and look of the app. If you want to go back to swipe to complete you can (it’s in the general settings) but this is now the default behaviour.

Next up (I think I’m right on this one) there’s a little more space around elements. Hitting the create task icon seems like there’s a bit more room in this latest update.

Lastly the text seems a little larger or bolder to my eyes, a nice visual improvement.

I’m only just getting into the latest update but as you can tell I’m happy with the little tweaks and I’ll be giving it another go.

My Todoist setup

I’m getting back on plan, left things slide a bit and tried to use iCloud to get things done. I’ve failed miserably and need to get back to using a third party app to keep me on task.

I’ve always come back to Todoist or Omnifocus but Todoist gets my vote just now. I like that I can create a free form ‘today’ but also add reminders where needed such as get Milk at 2pm when I’m at the supermarket or call dentist etc.

I’m only just getting started but here’s my setup.

I’m using labels to classify tasks as you can see above and only using projects where they are needed such as my passion ones. In the past I’d have created a project called Home and put all my family tasks in the there but labels makes more sense to me these days.

I’m also enjoying the new dark mode 😎.

The only downside of using Todoist coming from something like Reminders is that their Apple Watch app just isn’t very good. Sync to the app seems slow and there is no support for Series 4 complications in the info watch faces. I’m hoping these are being worked on.

Here goes, wish me luck.