LG OLED TV issues

If you buy an OLED TV from LG it looks to be that a percentage of the shipped units will show banding pretty quickly. I’ve owned a 55″ B7 since last November and am now in a position where I have a TV with an issue.

You can see from both images my TV is showing an issue on the right hand side. A vertical banding that shows on anything with a darker picture. This happens across all inputs.

I called Richersounds who directs you to LG if your TV is within manufacturers warranty. My issue is now with LG, they are not acknowledging a problem.

Their message is I’m watching TV in the wrong conditions. To add injury their staff talked down to me on the phone, almost rude to the point I had to hang up.

To me this is an issue. I shouldn’t have to watch in ideal natural lighting, if I do then market your TV to state that fact. If I’m watching at home in low lighting I shouldn’t expect to see issues.

I’ll be taking this up with Richersounds now to help me with LG.

I’ll update this post as I move through the process.

Star Wars, The Mandalorian announces directors and first image

Source: Star Wars

The new streaming series from Jon Favreau just keeps on looking more positive. Aside from the bad ass looking Mandalorian in the image below the list of directors and creatives at Lucasfilm is top notch. Having Dave Filoni on board is a very positive step, having George Lucas’s padawan involved in live action is great. He’s long been doing great things on the animation front with clone wars and rebels and having him on live action in some capacity is only good.

I also can’t believe I’m seeing Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnorok, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) directing an episode.

Can’t wait for this.

Where is Star Wars Rebels Season 4 On iTunes?

I’ve been a fan of rebels since its launch, its in its final season and no word on the iTunes release. Last year I picked up the season pass and watched episodes as they were coming out in the states but this year it’s not available.

It’s not a great move from Disney for us non satellite owning U.K. fans. We are going to know the end before the season airs.

I’m eagerly awaiting some news but the silence makes me think we’ll get it after the season finishes. Meaning you are going to have to avoid the internet not to spoil the entire series.

I’m disappointed at Disney on this one.