Why I cancelled Netflix

It occurred to me whilst watching something on iTunes the other day, why am I not getting the most out of my Netflix subscription? I was paying for the 4K HDR package but I always fall back to the comfort food of watching a favourite film. So the next day I made a concerted effort […]

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Don’t expect Disney+ in the UK

Sadly when I read the following I dreaded thinking about what might happen for us in the UK. Notice launch in the US. For a Star Wars fan looking forward to The Mandalorian it’s got me worried. I’m thinking that Disney will instead push TV onto their SKY channels as they did for Rebels, alienating […]

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LG OLED banding issues

If you buy an OLED TV from LG it looks to be that a percentage of the shipped units will show banding pretty quickly. I’ve owned a 55″ B7 since last November and am now in a position where I have a TV with an issue. You can see from both images my TV is […]

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