Product (RED) Apple Watch Series 6 unboxing

I was going to do a video but decided just on images for this unboxing. My hands are a state (and I don’t want to read all the YouTube comments on them) and lots of people are doing a better job.

I picked up the product (red) 44mm with product (red) band.

Here’s what it looks like when you unbox the watch.

As usual it’s all cardboard and is a really nice unboxing experience.

The cover over the watch is now paper.

Mine came with the red strap, I think it looks a nice combination.

Here’s a close look at the red.

My testing starts now.

If there’s anything you want to know give me a shout.

Bulova Lunar Pilot watch unboxing

I’ve become fascinated with watches again after taking a break from my Apple Watch. In particular anything to do with space travel at the moment. One of my grail watches is an Omega Speedmaster but this new Bulova Lunar Pilot has scratched that itch and I thought I’d share some pictures of the unboxing.

It comes in a great looking case containing an extra nato style strap with Apollo 15 mission date details, a strap removal tool and all of the relevant documentation.

I’ll post up a review soon but straight off I’m loving the look of this watch. For a sub £450 watch this is some of the best build quality I’ve seen at this price level.

On the back is a nice touch adding mission details of when the watch was used, more on this in the review.