Archer watch straps

I’ve discovered what might be my favourite watch straps that are available on my traditional watches and the Apple Watch. Archer straps can be found on Amazon pretty cheaply with lots of options and I’ve now used both the canvas and silicone versions and am impressed by ease of of installation and quality.

They have a quick release pin that is accessed via a little switch on the back of the strap as you can see here on the image above.

I’ve used the 20mm on my Bulova Moon Watch but also intend to get the Apple Watch version and do some more testing.

They come in small packaging but Amazon doesn’t do a good job of packing them efficiently.

Yes that’s the box it came in!

Fitting a nato strap to a Citizen eco drive

I’ve not tried a NATO before so I picked up a Sniper Bay on Amazon for £14 and tried it on a Citizen.

I went for the ‘bond’ grey and blue colour. This one comes with the strap and the tools you need.

When you use a nato you have to keep the watch band pins in place to loop the strap through.

You can see the way I’ve looped it through above.

I think it looks good on this body and it’s definitely a comfortable band to wear.

Bulova Lunar Pilot watch unboxing

I’ve become fascinated with watches again after taking a break from my Apple Watch. In particular anything to do with space travel at the moment. One of my grail watches is an Omega Speedmaster but this new Bulova Lunar Pilot has scratched that itch and I thought I’d share some pictures of the unboxing.

It comes in a great looking case containing an extra nato style strap with Apollo 15 mission date details, a strap removal tool and all of the relevant documentation.

I’ll post up a review soon but straight off I’m loving the look of this watch. For a sub £450 watch this is some of the best build quality I’ve seen at this price level.

On the back is a nice touch adding mission details of when the watch was used, more on this in the review.

Casio G-Shock 5610 – An affordable space watch

Two things I’m into are space and watches and more recently I’ve gotten into researching watches that have ended up in space or on the moon. The most obvious watch that comes to mind is my dream watch to own, the Omega Speedmaster but at over £3000 it’s a little out of my price range for now. The good news is that one of favourite watch brands has ended up in space, lots of times – Casio.

The g-shock 5600 series had been worn into space multiple times and is a great everyday watch.

The model I picked up to review was the 5610, tough solar for £74. It looks big when you see images but in reality it’s not that big on the wrist so first off don’t be put off straight away.

This model has a couple of cool additions on top of the 5600, solar powered and the ability to update itself via atomic timekeeping.

On using it for a week here are some of the takeaways

  • The buttons are recessed so can’t be hit accidentally
  • The strap is typical Casio resin and super comfortable
  • It’s light enough to forget you’re wearing it
  • The illumination is the best I’ve used on a watch
  • It’ll take a beating

This has to be the best value for money in terms of having a daily watch you can wear anywhere.

If you’re looking for an everyday watch with a great history then the g-shock is hard to beat, especially if you’re into space. Until I save enough for an Omega, this is my number one space watch.

Casio F-91w long term review

It’s hard to have grown up in the 80’s and not have a love for Casio watches. It’s what most of us would have been using when you had your first proper watch. I’ve still got my Master of the Universe and Star Wars watches I had when I was a kid but as soon as I got a little bit older Casio was my jam. Back in the 80’s I had an F-15, which I’ve lost over the years but the F-91w (released in 1991) became my go to watch. This also got lost but fortunately to this day Casio still manufactures them.

When I was looking at a break from my Apple Watch it was the obvious choice for me. At less than £15 it’s a no brainer if you want a classic.

I’ve also flirted with a G-Shock but I always come back to the F-91w. It’s so light and comfortable you forget you’re wearing it. I wear it pretty much 24×7 and even at this price point it’s durable. The screen will scratch being plastic but the body holds up surprisingly well.

The time and date are easy to see and all the buttons are logically laid out.

The only downsides of this watch are the strap durability and the light. The watch will easily outlast the strap, which tends to crack over time and at this price point it’s often cheaper to get a new watch rather than strap, which isn’t great for the environment. Then the watch light only illuminates from the left hand side making the minutes harder to see.

Otherwise this is one of the best watches ever made.

Be careful though and make sure you buy from a reputable store, there’s lots of fakes around. Yes it’s hard to believe but there are lots out there, this watch truly is an icon so I guess even at a low price point there’s money to be made from forgeries.

I’m no big watch collector (I wish I had the disposable income to be one) but everyone should have one of these in their collection.

Why I love my Casio F-91W

I’m not on the hate train for the Apple Watch but I reached a point where (for me) it was causing me too much anxiety. I’m not ready to go into this in detail just yet but it became a situation where I was serving it rather than the other way around and I haven’t been in a place where I could manage having it on my wrist on a daily basis.

I reverted back to my favourite watch brand – CASIO.

Growing up in the 80’s I’ve got an affinity for this brand, having calculator watches when I was in primary school and it’s just a massive iconic nostalgic brand for me.

The F-91W has been around for over 20 years and it’s been on and off my wrist since then. I lost the one I used in university but picked one up again a few years ago.

I’m loving wearing it again for a few reasons.

  • It’s light and comfortable, with a plastic resin strap it’s more comfortable than the Apple Watch bands I’ve found
  • I can see the time whenever I want, I missed the always on display
  • I’m disconnected completely

What I’m missing from my Apple Watch

  • Having the screen light up. The light is terrible on the F-91W and when I’m awake at night I can only see the time portion
  • Seeing my next appointment, I’m back to relying on my iPhone for this. It’s the one main thing I’m missing
  • Activity, I’m finding activity rings hard to give up. I’m trying to get back into exercise but as long as I get out and walk that’s the main thing. I may go back to using if just for workouts, this is a work in progress

I’ll let you know how I get on in the coming weeks.

Have you switched from the Apple Watch?